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What should family members of recovering addicts know?

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What should family members of recovering addicts know?


So one of your loved ones has gone through a worrying drug abuse phase, and recently managed to receive the rehabilitation support needed to start restoring balance in their life. Being around a recovering addict can be difficult, considering the emotional implication it can also have on you. However, you should be well aware of your role in their healing process, and how much your support can actually do in their recovery. In order to gain peace of mind that you are doing our best to be of health, receiving some insight on the matter could be useful. Here are the things you need to know when you have a recovering addict in your family.

Learn about addiction and treatment options

Often, an addict will need the guidance of a family member to find a treatment plan that actually pays off. Because the family of the addict is where the said individual will seek help, you should be prepared with the right advice. Get familiarized with addiction, what this means and how much it can affect one’s life. Also, research the treatment plans available. Because traditional rehabs might seem scary to the average drug consumer, you should point out to them other more unconventional approaches. Natural healing treatments at The Holistic Sanctuary, for example, have become quite popular lately, due to the holistic approach that makes recovery painless and effective.

Go to family therapy sessions

Therapy is just as important for you as it is for the family member dealing with addition. Set up family therapy sessions in which you can discuss the problem further, discover coping mechanisms and get a better understanding of the matter. Family therapy in this scenario can be crucial, helping you as well as your loved one to maintain a productive relationship throughout the recovery process, without any of you carrying emotional burdens. Find a good therapist and schedule an initial appointment – see how things go.

Make yourself available

Although you might have your own personal life to keep up with, it’s important to do your best and keep yourself available at all times. A relapse can always be a risk during addiction recovery, and often, a simple meeting with an understanding family member could help the recovering individual maintain sobriety. Be there for them regardless of hour, your sacrifices will certainly matter and be appreciated. Also, even when they aren’t reaching out to you, make them a priority in your life, and don’t let too much time pass by without you checking up on them. Even if they have been through the best drug rehabs, family support, care and attention are equally important means of help.

Being supportive and helping your dear one go through these hard times is essential. Because the emotional effects their struggle has had on you cannot be neglected, it might seem difficult to know how you can act and hat you need to do. The tips mentioned above will be of great use in this department, so analyze them and try to make the best of them, your loved one might be depending on your implication.

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Guidelines to select a nursing home for your elders

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Guidelines to select a nursing home for your elders

If there is a tough decision you have to make when you parents get old is choosing a nursing home. It is quite difficult to decide which one of them is the right one, because you want to make sure that it is the best solution. Also, when they will move to a nursing home they will experience great changes, because they not only that move into a new home, but they will also have to get accustomed with the persons they will be living with. Your role is to do research and find the best solution for them, because there are multiple options. But it does not mean that all of them meet your requirements. In this article you will find some basic information that will help you decide. Make sure that you check all the factors from your checklist.


Ask these questions

Is the home you want to choose certified?

You have to make sure that the persons who will take care of your elderly parents are certified. When it comes to nursing homes as Privat hjemmehjelp it is important the people who work there to be certified, especially if they have to offer medical assistance to your parents.

Do you have to wait for your parents to be admitted to the nursing house?

There are nursing homes that have a waiting list for patients to be admitted. So if you want to take them to a certain nursing home you should check if this is the case for the one you selected. In case your elderly parents need assistance, and you cannot offer then, it may not be an option to wait too long until they are admitted.

How many beds are available?

When it comes to beds you want to make sure that the nursing facility or Hjemmesykepleie Oslo has enough beds for all the persons who are admitted there. Also it is advisable to choose a facility that offers their services to a limited number of persons, or a small group, because in this case you are sure that they will offer your parents all the attention they need.

Does the nursing home specialise in the health issue your parents experience?

In case your parents are suffering from a certain health issue, then it is advisable to take them to a nursing house that can offer them the help they need. Check if the personal has experience in dealing with this health issue, and if they are specialised in offering support for this disease, or they offer health treatment for multiple health issues.

Are background checks conducted for employees?

When you take your parents to a nursing house you want to make sure that the persons who will care them have experience and are reliable. They will be the ones who will help them get their treatment, get their meals and do all the other activities, so it is important the staff to be trustworthy. Make sure that the nursing house conducts background checks for the people they hire, and they collaborate only with experienced and reliable persons.

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The Basics Behind a Profitable Family Investment and Great Business Ideas

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If you want to boost your family’s financial resources, you are most likely in the search for a profitable and secure business idea. Well, there are some ideas that will make your bank accounts grow, but not as secure as the ones that we will present below. Choose wisely, since not all are equally approachable and for some of the ideas you will need some certificates and training.


A family restaurant

Family restaurants are an amazing business investment, especially if you have some experience in the field. If not, you may need some training courses in restaurant management, food safety and also, cooking, if you plan to prepare the meals yourself. Make sure to pick the location so it is highly accessible. Avoid buildings with their entrance in back alleys, as these will never be seen by potential customers. Pay increased attention when you create the menus. Research what people are keen on in the area, if the catering demand is high, so you will be able to include courses that are appropriate for catering. The drink offering should also be tailored to the needs and preferences of the local audience. This will save you from some bad investments, as some beverages are pricey and might not be in demand in the area you plan to cover.

1031 property investments

If you already own a commercial property and you are ready to get rid of it and reprofile to a more profitable sector, then DST 1031 properties are what you want to look into. These investments are tax-deferred, with some conditions, and this is why you want to collaborate with a skilled team of professionals. But what do you have to do to enter in a property of this kind possession?

  • Identify a replacement property within 45 days;
  • Identify a secured financing option;
  • Never getting in money’s possession yourself, you will need intermediaries;
  • Coordinate with intermediaries;

While you won’t be able to deal with all the above yourself, a DST expert will definitely help you and will keep you at bay of all the traps of this type of investment.

Build an online empire

Online businesses are certainly profitable, and if you carefully choose the niche, you can easily become a local sensation. From blogging to online photography blogs, and retail business models, these all can bring you quite some profits. However, make sure not to begin your journey without a proper market research and a business plan. Only because it’s online-based, this doesn’t mean that you can jump into cold waters. Make sure to find out everything about the niche BEFORE starting that business. Generally, online shops have a high rate of success and you can think of some innovative business models. For instance, what about creating a business where you deliver fresh mothers the necessities for their babies, while they can’t leave the house?

These are three profitable family business models that you can try this year. With modicum investments, and high rates of success these are very likely to make your bank account “happier”.


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How to do bohemian hairstyles

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If you want to become a bohemian girl, then you should know that this style is not only about the clothing items you wear. You will have to change your entire beauty routine. You can start with your hair, because boho hairstyles are chic and versatile, and you will have no difficulties to pull them off. You might not be able to wear bohemian clothes daily, but when it comes to your hair, you can try a new style every day,  because it is a great way to complement every outfit. You can wear bohemian hairstyles even when you dress with jeans or dresses, because they give a subtle wink to your outfits. Here you will find some tips on how you can style your hair in a boho way.


Create loose braids

When it comes to boho hairstyles, you will notice that the majority of them feature braids. Therefore, you can start with this, because you can wear your hair in a single big braid, or you can do small braids to show through your locks. For a fun and playful look, you can use hair bow grosgrain ribbon. It comes in multiple fabrics and colours, so you can use it to complete your everyday outfits. If you want to wear your hair in a single braid, then you can opt for a side one, and to tie a ribbon bow on its end.

Style your hair in wavy locks

The epitome of bohemian hair is the wavy style, so you should create big waves with the help of a curling iron. For a more interesting look you should curl your hair in different sizes, and in opposite directions, because in this way you will obtain a natural look. Before you get out of the house, make sure to loosen the curls, but avoid brushing, because they will look frizzy.

It is all about accessories

If you are looking for inspiration, then you should check the hairstyle the girls who attend music festivals wear, because they are professionals when it comes to boho hairstyles. Some of them choose to braid through their locks strips of coloured ribbon, because this is the simplest way to obtain a bohemian look. But if you want something more complex, then you can add feathers to your braids. In addition, you can wear flowers, being they artificial or natural, but make sure to keep them in place with a few bobby pins, because you do not want to lose them on the way.

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Ways to include ribbon in your DIY home projects

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Ways to include ribbon in your DIY home projects

Sometimes, the best DIY projects require the usage of common supplies in unusual ways. If you are passionate with designing and personalizing then you are able to interblend even the simplest items to create eye-catching and groundbreaking elements. Undoubtedly, ribbon represents a versatile and beautiful item that you can find practically anywhere, in stores or online. In addition, it gives you a multitude of option in terms of size, texture, color and pattern so that you can let your imagination wild free and make unexpected combinations. If you have not used ribbon in your previous projects, it means that you have not discovered yet the multitude of things you can make with this small and intriguing decorative element. From embellishing interiors spaces to enhancing articles of clothing or just creating hair accessories, using ribbon makes it easier and faster.

Origami with ribbon

Everyone knows that origami represents the art of folding paper with the purpose to obtain different sculptures. This practice demands special techniques in order to create intricate designs that you definitely acquired thanks to all the years of creating items from scratch. Thus, what do you think about replacing paper with ribbon? You can fold ribbon similarly to create wonderful shapes like flowers that you can use as accessories for interior design, clothes and hair. For instance, you can create a brooch using satin or rosette ribbons and adding a precious stone in the middle. It immediately becomes a valuable customized piece that you can pin to your coat or blouse when attending special occasions or family reunions.

Ribbon lampshade and bookmark

If you have a little girl, you can embellish her room with wonderful and unique elements created with ribbon. For instance, you can take her old lampshade and completely transform it by sewing pink or blue ribbon (you probably already know her favorite color) across it. Make sure to include cute ruffles in the finish result because she will love it. You can go a step further and make small white butterflies from a delicate material that you can glue directly to the lampshade or use those ribbon flowers resulted from the origami project. Because she will surely jump with excitement and ask for more, you can give her a personalized ribbon bookmark. You can purchase a simple bookmark, create a colorful ribbon bow with many loops and glue it at one top of the bookmark or sew it by using adorable buttons in heart shape.

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Picking your first vehicle – things you should consider

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Picking your first vehicle – things you should consider


As a first time car buyer, you certainly have plenty of questions in your mind. But fear not, the increasing number of specialized platforms will certainly help you make a good decision. While you may be a bit unfamiliar with all the things you should pay attention to when purchasing a vehicle, a little research goes a long way. While many have real issues in establishing if they want to invest in a used or new car, the tips and tricks below will certainly come in their help. Keep reading for finding out more.

1. Establish a budget and stick to it

When purchasing you first vehicle, you must make sure that you establish a budget and never exceed it. Depending on your budget, you will wither be able to pick a new vehicles, and you can easily find new vehicles for sale in Dallas area, online, or you can opt for a used car. In many cases, however, specialists recommend to invest in a used car, as your first car, especially if you are an inexperienced driver. Accidents are more likely to appear in such circumstances, and you want to make sure that you’ll have lower maintenance costs. Also, a used car will be considerably more affordable than a new piece.

2. See how much you can spend on monthly maintenance

The more expensive the vehicle, the higher the monthly maintenance costs. So, see if your monthly budget allows you to invest in a pricey piece. Also, if you don’t buy the vehicle cash down, consider the monthly financing rate. This is yet another expense you must worry about, and you want to make sure that you can cover those.

3. Decide what type of vehicle you need

Do you need a vehicle only for yourself, or do you have a family as well. A small sedan might be just perfect in the first circumstance, while you want to make sure to invest in a midsize SUV in the second scenario. You will need to cover the transportations needs of multiple individuals in the second case.

4. Take the car to a test drive

Never purchase a vehicle without taking it to a test drive. This will offer you a slight idea on how you’ll get along with it, if it makes funny noises and if it is in proper form.

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Buying a used car for the first time? These tips will help you out

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There comes a time in every driver’s life when they realize that paying for a new car doesn’t really make sense. Unless it’s a newly released model that you simply need to own or budget isn’t a problem for you, the used car market is a much better choice. You have a wide variety of cars to pick from, which can be in great condition, prices are lower and there is a reliable dealership in almost every city. However, buying a used car isn’t as straightforward as buying a new one. Scams are just around the corner and there’s always the risk of paying more than you need to. So, if you’re a first time used car buyer, these tried and tested tips will make your life easier.


Individual car buyers aren’t worth your time

Do you know the person trying to sell you a used car? If the answer is no, don’t bother. Apart from the fact that you could be scammed, individual car sellers are much more difficult to track down once you have an issue or concern regarding your vehicle. Most people imagine that individual sellers have cheaper prices, but that’s not always the case. Instead, when looking for used cars for sale in Dallas, count on a dealership instead.


Know a reliable mechanic

Before buying a used car, no matter the source, you have to take it for a test drive and to a mechanic to check for issues. If the test drive is essential to see if you “click” with the car, the mechanic will give you an objective opinion of the state of the car. Don’t go to a mechanic you’ve never seen before or someone recommended by the dealership because you might not learn the truth. Instead, go to a mechanic you know and trust or one recommended by a friend.


Investigate the common problems of your chosen model

Have you found a model you want to buy second hand? Do some online research and find out what problems it has. Every vehicle has vulnerabilities. Whether it’s the clutch, engine or transmission, you need to know what to expect in terms of future repair costs.


Be careful what friend you bring

You shouldn’t go alone when buying a used car, everyone knows that, but you can’t bring just anyone along. The most obvious choice is to bring your car enthusiast friend, but that doesn’t make much financial sense. They may be carried away by the specs and forget that price matters most. Instead, bring someone who has gone to dealerships before, knows how to negotiate and is good with money.

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