3 effective warehouse storage solutions

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3 effective warehouse storage solutions

Many companies face with the problem of storing many goods in a small warehouse. The first idea that comes in every manager’s mind in this situation is to change the location, and purchase or rent a new one, but sometimes they do not afford this. Therefore, they have to see how they can transform the existing space into an effective one that will suit their needs. The best solution is to invest in warehouse shelving, but they have to see what particular needs their space has, and to choose one of the warehouse storage solutions. According to the items they have to store, they can invest in a single type of shelving, or they can combine more. Here are three of the most common types of shelving systems.

Heavy Duty Shelving System

This is the most common type used by warehouse’s managers, when they want to maximise their space. They are ideal for storage and distribution companies, but also for a warehouse with a large inventory. It provides workers quick and easy access to the goods, and they can find the items they are looking in a faster way, because they benefit from a better flow of goods. These systems are designed by manufacturers to come with many options, and each of them is perfect for specific applications and space requirements.

Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving System

To be sure, that they are efficient and profitable, companies should invest in retail shelving, because it is customisable and cost effective. Longspan shelves offer both workers and customers easy placement and removal of goods. This system is designed for placing heavy, long and bulky products, which are found in retail goods’ storage. It is widely used when managers are looking for a way to increase the effectiveness of their spaces, because they are able to hold bulky items, but they are lightweight. It is manufactured from a material that decreases the chances of rust, chipping and other similar types of decay. This system is very useful for warehouses, because it is height adjustable and easy changeable, so in case the length of the products might vary in time, they can be customisable to fit the requirements.

Two Tier Shelving System

The persons who are struggling for warehouse storage space, should take into consideration to invest in a two tier system, because is an effective solution to maximise the existent space. This system is designed as a raised platform that offers workers the possibility to pick the items without using handling equipment. When installing this system, the warehouse manager has the possibility to choose between pallet racking or shelving. If they are to be used in a retail environment, they should be placed on metal deck floors, because they improve the effectiveness of the two tier system in case of a fire. They offer the possibility to stock goods in two separate sections and access them when there is need. If the company plans to move in the future, this system is perfect because it can be dismantled and reinstalled in a different location.