3 extra services that add value to a UK removals company

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3 extra services that add value to a UK removals company

Moving from one home to another, changing cities or areas, even relocating overseas are not such rare occurrences these days, as more and more people are increasingly flexible when it comes to job opportunities and living accommodations. Anyway, this trend has led to an impressive development of the removals market, now being hundreds of companies and firms that operate within the field. To that extent, there has also been a standardisation of the market, most companies offering the same services and similar prices, which makes it pretty difficult for people to choose. If you and your family are planning to move into a bigger home or you are relocating to a different area and you want a top UK removals company that provides value added services, then here are 3 features that should make it stand out.


The provision of bespoke quotes


Most removal companies have standard packages that include certain loads or a certain number of trucks or vans, as well as transport only versus packing plus transport packages. However, more often than not, your house items and personal goods don’t fit into one package or the other and you end up having to pay more for a large pack that you don’t need or having been left with a bunch of stuff that didn’t make it into the only one truck that the package included. A high standard UK removals company that offers value added services should be able to offer you a bespoke quote, which basically means it takes into account all of your packing and transport needs and designs a removals package that covers all of them without extending for no reason.


No limits


As you are virtually moving your entire life, you might find that you have the most diverse items and goods when it comes to shapes and sizes, going from bulky, extra heavy items, such as a lawn mower, to tiny little components that you just don’t want to lose along the way. The bottom line is that the removals company should not impose weight or volume limits to your service, as they should be able to accommodate any type of packs, from regular boxes and containers to wrapped items. Of course, this means that they should have a correspondently developed fleet, but every self-respecting company operating within the field should.


High-tech inventory


You can’t rely on lists and paper anymore, especially when it comes to valuable goods and when we live in the technological era. An electronic and photographic inventory adds great value to a removals service, as you can keep instant track of what’s being packed and loaded and you can have photographical evidence of the condition of your goods at point of origin. There aren’t many companies that provide this service, although it will probably catch on, as it is a service that protects both the UK removals company and the client.