3 reasons why you should consider dental implants

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3 reasons why you should consider dental implants


If you lose one or more teeth, you will end up with a gap in your smile, which will affect your ability to chew properly. This will not only affect your diet and your nutrition, but tooth loss immediately leads to bone loss as well. Losing a tooth completely changes the shape of your face, causing you to look prematurely old. So what is there to do? While there are several options for replacing a missing tooth, you should decidedly consider Ottawa dental implants. Dental implants offer the best aesthetics and functionality. Additionally, they offer other benefits.

  1. Long-lasting

The main benefits of artificial teeth is the fact that they are long-lasting. To be more precise, the teeth are especially designed to be a permanent solution for missing dentures. Dental bridges can last 5 to 10 years, while crowns can even last 15 years. On the other hand, artificial teeth offer you a lifetime of dental care, being thus a cost-efficient mode of tooth replacement. You have assurance that you not look older than you really are and you will not experience thin lips or sunken cheeks.

  1. You will conserve your jaw bone

If you were to choose a fixed bridge instead of a dental implant, your jawbone would deteriorate in time. This occurs as the result of the fact that the jaw does not receive adequate stimulation to the bone. The same thing occurs with dentures that are not-implant supported. An artificial tooth stimulates bone growth and maintains the healthy bone level. The bad news is that the longer you wait to get artificial teeth, the more likely is that your jawbone will lack the integrity to get implants in the future without a dental bone graft. If you choose to maintain your jawbone, you will preserve a more youthful appearance.

  1. Similar to natural teeth

Dental implants are similar to natural teeth in appearance, which means that they are natural-looking. More importantly, dental implants are fully functional. As opposed to dentures that are bulky and removable, implants do not interfere with speaking or eating. Since the pressure is applied to the jaw bone when you bite down, chewing will not feel different from chewing with your natural teeth.  Equally important is that these permanent fixtures comfortable.

To receive implants, you must have healthy gums and adequate bones to support the structure. Once you get the implants you must commit to keeping these structures healthy as well.