4 tips for effective window cleaning

Clean windows mean a clean home, so don’t postpone the window cleaning process and don’t let dust and grime settle on your window glasses and frames. In time, all the dirt and dust coming from outside, as well as humidity and steam, start leaving visible traces on your windows. To prevent this from happening, so should equip yourself with top notch cleaning equipment and clean your windows every season. Here are some tips that will make your job easier!


Choose the best weather


Choosing your window cleaning day based on the weather might sound a bit odd, but it’s actually quite wise. When the sun is too strong and there isn’t a cloud in the sky, water and window cleaning solutions evaporate almost instantly and you won’t have time to wipe properly. This is also why those dreaded streaks appear. For best results, wait for a cloudy, but warm day to come, and you’ll find it much easier to clean windows.


Use eco-friendly cleaning products


A common practice among homeowners is to clean windows with household items such as vinegar to save money and avoid toxic substances. While it is true that these DIY solutions are not harmful to the environment, they are not very effective. Instead, use specialised, eco-friendly window cleaning solutions, which don’t harm the environment and aren’t toxic, but they get the job done faster than water and vinegar. For example, if the window is sticky or has traces of pain, a homemade solution won’t clean it properly. There are plenty of websites that sell them, so check their offer to enjoy discounts. To avoid wasting product when cleaning windows, start at the top. This way, the solution slides easily and you won’t have to spray again.


Avoid newspapers, use soft cloths


Though popular, newspapers are not the best tool to clean windows with, because, when combined with window cleaning products, they leave traces of ink on the windows, which can be hard to remove. Instead, use a soft, clean cotton cloth (an old T-shirt works too!) that doesn’t have any lint on it. Don’t use sponges, because they soak too much product. After you’ve cleaned the window, you can use another soft cloth to wipe it dry.


Don’t forget about window frames and window sills


Having squeaky clean windows doesn’t do much if the frames and window sills are dirty, cracked and in poor condition. Again, you should invest in special cleaning products for the material they are made of. If that’s not possible, then use a homemade solution of water and baking powder: add two spoonful’s of baking powder to half a litre of warm water and gently wipe frames and window sills. However, if they are made of wood, you need to make sure they keep their shine and are protected against damage from wind, rain and dust. The best option in this case is to use polishing wax, because it restores shine and helps wood be more resistant to the elements.