A family trip to Ottawa

A couple of months ago I was sent to Ottawa on business, but I thought it would be fun to bring my family along. I figured that while I was caught up in meetings or at the office, my wife and kids could explore the city, visit the attraction points and then we would go out and have a nice, family dinner and on the weekend we would go to Calypso Park and have plenty of fun together, as my kids love water parks. It all sounded so great in my head and my wife received the idea with much enthusiasm. When we landed at the airport, the company had sent a limo for me, which my kids thought to be very cool, so we arrived at the hotel quickly, but as I was getting the bags from the car to the hotel lobby, I stepped wrongly and sprained my ankle. Good thing the company had thought to get me a limo in Ottawa, as I ended up using the service the entire week and a half we were there.

The trip turned out nothing like I had imagined, because of this little incident. Apart from the fact that my kids were ecstatic at the idea that they got to travel in a limo in Ottawa and have a personal driver for anywhere they wanted to go, nothing was exciting anymore. I mean, they had a lot of fun, but I couldn’t have fun with them. All the family time I wanted us to have was no longer possible. We went to the water park, but they had all the fun themselves and even when we went shopping or see the Peace Tower, I couldn’t join them in their excitement or even keep up with them. This really put a damp on my enthusiasm and my idea of a great family trip, which really excited me before this entire fiasco. However, I was apparently the only one bothered by the way the events developed, as my wife and kids had the time of their lives once they assured I was all right and not in too much pain. For most part of the vacation, they made plans without me, thinking I was “too effete to join them”.

My family trip to Ottawa didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, but at least my kids and my wife got to see the city, I had been there before, and they loved it as much I did, which still counts for something I assume. Furthermore, I got the chance to travel in style, always having a limo in Ottawa at my disposal, which I hadn’t before, and I sort of liked it. I’m even thinking of always renting one when I go there, as I was very satisfied with the service.