Add insulation to keep your cottage cozy this fall

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Add insulation to keep your cottage cozy this fall


Now that fall is here, you may be planning trips to the cottage. Since the temperatures are going to go down, it is a good time to think about how you are going to keep your holiday cottage comfortable over the fall months. To cozy up your cottage this fall, you will have to make serious upgrades. You will want to insulate the cottage completely, that is if you are planning on living there in the fall or even in the winter. Even if you do not realise it, insulation is important. Cottages are built without thermal covering because they are meant to be used only during summertime. However, those who do not view cottages only as a summer retreat, an improvement is in order before you spend your nights at the lake. Insulation contractors like Great Northern Insulation can help you make your cottage usable for all months of the year. When thinking of your cottage, you should consider it your second home.

Importance of insulating your cottage

Taking into consideration Canada’s chilly climate, insulating your cottage is the best thing you can do. As stated previously, traditional lodgings have no covering whatsoever. Even if some cottages have some kind of thermal lining, it is not enough to keep it warm during the cold months. You should invest in insulation for two reasons: to reduce indoor moisture accumulation and to keep your walls from freezing. Thermal padding becomes essential because it helps you get the most of your energy costs. Modern insulation helps provide a moisture barrier, not to mention that it will prevent the cold from coming inside.

Signs of insulation problems

Adding an insulating layer to the cottage prevents the transfer of heat is similar to dressing for the weather. Unless you have a wool sweater on you, you will not keep warm. Previous generations may be used to living in drafts, but you should care more about your health. What you should do is look for the most common warning signs of insulation problems. In the fall or winter, the walls are cold to the touch and, consequently, heating bills are higher than they should be. In the summer, you will feel uncomfortable due to the hot air that gets inside. The high cooling costs are troublesome too.

Insulation contractors will help you insulate your cottage

Professional contractors can help find the right type of padding for your lodging. It is important to keep in mind that value for money does not lie in the cheapest materials, but in materials that can create a cozy environment. When it comes to isolating your cottage, you have many options. as follows: spray foam, cellulose and blown-in insulation. Some contractors suggest blow in insulation, yet this is a short-term fix and it will not do much for air leakage or moisture penetration. Discuss with the company about spray polyurethane foam. They will be able to help you figure out the cost of the insulating material and show you how it can benefit your lodging.