Aspects to have in view when moving to France

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Aspects to have in view when moving to France

Living in France offers you access to a life rich in entertainment and culture. This country is known for being one of the world’s cultural centers, and many people choose to move here, because they can get involved in different cultural activities as history, education, arts and cuisine. Expats choose France because they consider it a place there they can allow their children more freedom, because here is less crime than in the other states from Europe, and for many of them the costs of living here are lower than in their home countries. So if you consider moving to France, then you should have in view getting a Carte Vitale 93, because it is important for you to know that you have the certainty that in case you are getting sick you would receive the care that you need.


Do not forget to get a health care insurance

Everyone knows that it is important to have a health care insurance, but when moving in France, you might have issues at the beginning in trying to figure out how you can get it. Well, the easiest way would be to obtain it through your school, because if you are under 28 years old, the government would offer you health care insurance. In case you are not a student, or you are over this age, then you can get a job, it does not matter if it is a part time, full time or internship, you would have the possibility to enroll to the health insurance system. Also, you are eligible to apply for it, if you are getting married to a French citizen, who is having a health care insurance. For more details about this aspect, you should visit one of the websites especially designed for this purpose, because they offer you not only information but also guidance through the process of obtaining one.

Check your career prospects

It is important to get a job not only to benefit from health care insurance, but also to invest in personal development and earn money for a decent living. When you first arrive in France, you might have issues in finding a job, because the majority of the positions are listed through personal networks, and this makes job search difficult for you. Also, you should practice your French language skills, because if you have a heavy foreign accent you would not be able to apply for many jobs which require getting in contact with the clients.

Key facts about living in France

It does not matter if you are moving to France from a European country or from another part of the world, you would still have to apply for a permanent residence status. The local mayor is the person who is conducting real estate negotiations here. In case you were to die, and you do not leave a will, the properties and assets from France would pass directly to your children, bypassing your spouse. If you do not help someone in distress, it would be considered criminal offence.