Assisted living communities – redefining senior care

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Assisted living communities – redefining senior care

Assisted living refers to a facility or residence where people with disabilities and senior citizens receive support in their daily activities and get access to health care. These communities supervise resident activities with the purpose of ensuring their safety, health and well-being. Depending on the specific needs of each resident, the assistance may vary from daily living support to administration of medication and professional personal care. The assisted living concepts revolve around the idea of eldercare that promotes independence and dignity. This alternative to homecare and nursing homes has emerged in the nineties and it has rapidly gained popularity ever since. This living concept is ideal for residents that cannot live independent, but do not require round-the-clock medical care. If nursing homes are not appropriate and t retirement homes are not an available solution, assisted living becomes the perfect choice.


What it involves


Assisted living facility is a senior care option that offers the complete spectrum of services homecare and nursing homes provide without compromising the independence of its residents.  These services include nutrition; help with bathing and dressing, transportation and medication management. Senior citizens receive only the care they strictly require, so one can choose what type of assistance they need from this wide range of services. Certain senior assisted living facilities also offer special attention to physical exercises and activities that encourage elders to socialize. Resuming wellbeing to physical health is wrong. The mental and spiritual health of the senior citizens is also important, and this philosophy has determined assisted living communities to put emphasis on making their residents as happy and content as possible. The underlying assisted living concepts redefine senior care by making the senior care experience enjoyable.


Assisted living – the costs


The costs for assisted living vary from facility to facility, not to mention the type of services you require. Depending on the type of residence and its size, the costs can also increase. However, this is still a more affordable alternative than nursing homes. Generally, these communities charge a monthly rate covering the basic services and add fees depending on the specific needs of each resident. This is advantageous for senior citizens, because they are not forced to pay for services that they do not need. If there are still things they can do by themselves, senior citizens will feel more motivated. It is important to let them complete the daily activities they are perfectly capable of doing, if that is their wish, because it will make them feel dignified.