Banksy: bringing subculture on the walls of your home

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Banksy: bringing subculture on the walls of your home

What is art if not a self expression of one’s thoughts and understandings of the entire world? Art is an incredibly broad term with multiple meanings and representations. Thinking of art should be an exercise of imagination and of acceptance, but unfortunately, people seem to love living in patterns and when coming out of them they are afraid. However, from time to time an artist comes along, between Rembrandt and Picasso, an artist that completely revolutionizes art and comes to represent the subculture of a society. Banksy is that person for modern times, as this artist is consistently sending out message about the day-to-day society. While he might be expressing his ideas on the walls of buildings or windows of shops as a form of breaking the rules, Bansky canvas prints are selling continuously being extremely popular among the art loving public. Why is that you might ask? Here are a few reasons.


The Flower rage image – message of mixed feelings


Banksy. apart from other artists, does not fail to see the less attractive parts of life. This artist uses his words or the representations he creates to send out a message or more. The Flower rage image may very well be the best-known Banksy statement and it brings out a violent society with an impulse of peace. The first real reason for which Banksy is very popular, worldwide, and canvases portraying his works are just as sought after is the powerful message these canvases send.


The art of the future


You can be nostalgic and turn your home into a museum, but the truth is that at one point of another, you will have to break this trend and replace it with something else and that is the future. As mentioned, Rembrandt might be a huge investment and a great artistic treasure, but one cannot deny the art of the future. This is Banksy.  People, coming from very different parts of society, all click together when seeing a canvas revealing Banksy’s street art.


It looks amazing on walls


After the philosophical level of the discussion, comes the practical one. The truth is that Banksy can really fill up walls and in a fantastic manner. A Banksy canvas print is exactly the kind of decoration that can bring any home into future, in style of course. It is art, message and aspect, all three in one. Bansky is the kind of art that is accessible to anyone and when looking at the print you cannot escape a moment of acknowledgment of the reality.