Bright and colourful wedding suits for a handsome groom

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Bright and colourful wedding suits for a handsome groom


Are you the type of groom who loves a little pop of colour? Well, your wedding is not the moment to hold back your preferences, because many designers promote this type of outfits for the wedding day. The only advice you have to consider is that you have to make sure that you match the colour of your outfit with the one of your bride’s dress. If Suit Hire is an option for you, then you have to check if the provider has suits in a wide variety of colours, because when you try them, you do not know what colour you may find interesting. Here are some options for you.

Whole suits

If you want to make an impact with the help of your wedding suit, then you should consider buying a suit in a bold colour. Picking a suit that is out of the black or grey sphere will help you achieve an outstanding look for your wedding, but the choice of the colour is up to you. The majority of people opt for bright blue, green or dark purple suits, but if you want to be fun and fashion forward, you can choose even a suit in a pink shade.

 Separate clothing items

If you do not imagine yourself in a suit that features the same colour from head to toe, then you should think of picking separates. You have the possibility to choose bright colours for both pants and jacket, but if you want to create a point of focus, then you can choose a nude tone for the pants and a bright colour for the jacket. Colours like orange, coral, and vibrant pink seem amazing choices for you. Also, you can select a jacket in mint green if you want to have a fresh look.

Choose a coloured shirt

If you do not want to opt for the same colours from head to toe, then you can choose a shirt in a bright colour and keep the rest of the outfit in a classic shade. It is a subtle way to include bright colours in the groom’s attire, so you have to think which option is the best for you.

Shoes can be the pop of colour

If you are a fashion man, then you can try some colourful socks or shoes. This option is perfect if you want to wear a traditional suit, but with a little edge. It works amazing with grey tones. The colours from your bride’s bouquet can be a start point.