Chemical peels – the do’s and don’ts

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Chemical peels – the do’s and don’ts

Among the facial treatments provided by today’s skincare technicians, chemical peels have become one of the most popular, offering fast and visible results. However, before deciding to opt for this type of procedure, it is imperative to do some research and be properly informed. If you are interested in a professional chemical peel Toronto, then here are a few things you should do and some you should avoid:

Keep your expectations realistic

Although this type of skin treatment really does offer excellent results, you should maintain your expectations realistic. Discuss with your beauty technician in advance, and find out if your skin concern can be fixed with only one treatment. Severe acne scars, decolouration, or wrinkles cannot be fixed in a one-time session, and you might require more than just a peel. A single facial will not be able to make you look 15 years younger, and you might face the need of booking several session or choosing a procedure more suitable for your issue, such as collagen induction therapy. To avoid being disappointed, research the topic, discuss with a specialist and keep your expectations as realistic as possible.

Moisturize your skin properly

After a skin peel that uses certain chemicals, your skin might feel dehydrated, and it may take some time until it gains its radiance back. Therefore, you should moisturize it on a daily basis, more than you would regularly do. However, discuss with the clinician in advance, and ask if you need to use a particular moisturizer or cleanser, for your daily routine, to avoid damaging your skin in any way, or affecting the chemical peel’s results.

Do not expose your skin to UV rays

During a short period of time after the procedure, it is highly recommended to not expose yourself to UV rays. Shortly after a facial peel, your skin will be more sensitive to sun, and prolonged exposure might led to irritation or discoloration. Ask your clinician for how long you should avoid sun exposure, and perhaps they can also recommend you a sunscreen.

Don’t do it at home

A chemical peel can be a safe and effective procedure only if performed by an experienced skin technician, who has a deep understanding of the treatment and uses professional methods. Regardless of how many do-it-yourself chemical peels you have heard of, you should avoid them at all costs, and prevent taking the risk of damaging your skin. Look for a professional clinic that can offer you this type of skincare treatment, and book a consultation in advance to discuss all the details that revolve around the procedure.

A chemical peel can offer you great results, rejuvenating your skin, and giving it its natural glow back. If you find the right specialist, there are no risks involved, and the benefits are certainly ones that are worth your attention. If you are dealing with acne scars, premature wrinkles, fine lines or you simply do not like the texture of your skin, then a chemical peel might just be the perfect answer for you.