Choose unique Christmas tree decorations this year

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Choose unique Christmas tree decorations this year

Many persons find it boring to decorate the Christmas tree in the same way every year. You can amaze your friends by choosing a unique style, and adding some special decorations. A Christmas tree should represent your style, and complement the look of your house, but it should also be a way of expressing joy and celebration. You can achieve this by purchasing some special decorations, or making some of them by your own. You can start by buying ribbon for the Christmas tree in a unique colour like mauve, because there are not many persons that will chose this shade.

Choose the Christmas tree

You might not believe, but even the choosing of the tree is a major factor that will influence the achievement of a unique look. You might have seen that there are many types of Christmas trees, but you have bought a green one every past year. Now is time to make a change, and buy a silver or white one. They will add a pop of style to your whole house, and your neighbours and friends will be surprised to see that you had the courage to choose a special one.

Use special decorations

You should start the decoration process by placing the lights, and go big this year, buy lights that have a star shape, or have a special colour like mauve. You will definitely find on the market lights that look like little snowflakes, so use them. In addition, if you have a white tree, you can decorate it white mauve ribbon bows and decorative star. There are some manufacturers that create rolls of stars, so you will not have difficulties in using them. Also, you can use ribbon that features multiple shades of purple on the same role, or one that is customised with sparks. Other option is to decorate the silver tree with globes hanged on red ribbon, it will ease your work, and you can forget about the top star, you should make a big bow and place it in the head of the tree. In addition, you can make it more special by adding photos with you and your family in it. If you spend the Christmas with your friends, you can place photos of with you and them in the most amazing moments of your relationship. Do not forget that you have the opportunity to customise ribbon, so if you think ahead you can print on it some saying of your friends, and surprise them at the Christmas party.