Choosing the stone surface for your kitchen

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Choosing the stone surface for your kitchen

Natural stone speaks of permanence and quality, and this is exactly what you need inside your home. Stone surfaces as well as hardwood flooring increase the value of the house, because of their incredible longevity. Incorporating stone surfaces into your kitchen design will offer it a timeless beauty difficult to replicate. Before commencing your search through various granite worktops Brighton offers, you should carefully take into consideration all your options. The most popular stone surfaces for kitchens are granite, silestone and marble. Kitchen surfaces need to be resistant to cuts and scratches, not to mention water and stains, so natural stone if probably the best choice, but each type of stone has its advantages and disadvantages. The aesthetic appeal should not be your only criteria when choosing.


Marble surfaces


Marble surfaces are extremely popular, because of their interesting aspect and great durability. However, you should keep in mind that this type of surface is softer and absorbs water better than other natural stones used as surface materials. Marble materials can be polished, but they will never have a glossy aspect, not that you would want that. Cleaning marble should be done with water and eventually a very mild detergent. If you choose a marble surface, you should keep in mind that rust stains are difficult to remove after a while, so act as soon as possible.


Granite surfaces


Granite offers a great variety of options in terms of colour and pattern. Available in numerous colours and finishes, this is probably the most popular natural stone used as surface material. The salt and pepper look is especially popular for kitchen surfaces. What is more, the hard texture that is difficult to stain and scratch makes it the perfect choice for kitchen countertops. Granite is known for its extraordinary durability and low maintenance needs. It is important to keep in mind that in time granite may lose its lustre, if not properly maintained. Even though it is a durable and difficult to scratch material, you should always use cutting boards and avoid using cleaning products with ammonia.


Silestone surfaces


This natural quartz surface is ideal for someone wishing to create a modern looking kitchen. The wide selection of vivid colours, as well as impressive textures makes quartz materials such as silestones very popular nowadays. The stone also performs very well and is well renowned for its durability. Keep in mind that this type of surface is more easy to scratch and stain.