Comparing Bushnell Neo XS and Bushnell Neo Ghost  

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Comparing Bushnell Neo XS and Bushnell Neo Ghost  

For more than 65 years Bushnell has been the industry leader in high performance sports optics. Their goal is to provide the highest quality, affordable and reliable sports optics products for their buyers, their company winning many performance and design awards. Their products are fitted for hunting, fishing, nature study or birding. One of their innovations is the Bushnell golf GPS rangefinder, perfect for golf lovers, and helping them to improve their game. For the ones that have chosen the Bushnell brand but haven’t decided what product to buy yet, here are some of the similarities and differences between the Neo XS version and the Neo Ghost version.


Similarities and differences

The Neo XS is the latest version of GPS golf watch, while the Neo Ghost is an LCD display which can be attached to the player’s belt or simply put in their pockets. This watch has been improved by the manufacturer by adding two hazards that can be listed for each hole. The Ghost version has up to four hazard distances per hole and they are additional to the part and holes number. The screen on the Neo XS watch has .8” x .8”, while the Ghosts’ LCD display has 1.4” x 1.4”. Although the XS screen is smaller, it does not affect the user’s experience. The Neo XS has five fixed buttons which provide accessibility to the menu, golf menu, up, down and select options. It has no touch screen, and the user interface is intuitive. The Ghost version has six buttons, which allows the player to select the menu and track the shot distances, without giving him the possibility of saving them. The player can use the XS version for around 12 hours, which is equivalent to 3 rounds of golf, while the Ghost version offers up to 14 hours of battery life. If the Bushnell Neo XS watch comes in black, charcoal or white the Bushnell Neo Ghost comes in black, white, charcoal and green. These having been the main differences between the two products offered by Bushnell, the biggest similarity is that their functionality is the same.


Why most of the people choose the Neo XS watch version?

This product has the advantage of being also a watch, and not only a rangefinder. Also, the XS automatically advances to the next hole in the play, and if the player wants, he can manually change the holes. It can measure the shot distances, and has the “tee time” function. This function permits the user to have the GPS watch ready when he is at the first tee. The odometer function measures the speed and the time elapsed for moving. It is waterproof and includes an alarm, countdown timer and stopwatch. It costs around $200, which places it in the category of the most affordable golf GPS watches.


Depending on the user, Bushnell offers modern products for golf players, designed to suit the needs of the buyers at affordable prices.