Conditions and facts of obtaining an HST

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Conditions and facts of obtaining an HST


Many people do not know that they can get back some of the money they invest when they build or renovate a house or a condominium. The fact is that there are some conditions that have to be met, in order to obtain the HST, but they can ask for the help of a professional. There are many online platforms that offer people details about the conditions of HST on new homes, and they only have to do some research before starting the process of building or redecorating. In addition, they can hire a specialist, who can offer them useful advice.

When you can obtain a rebate

People have to know that there are some specific situations when they can apply for a rebate. A case is when they build a new home, because this process implies a big amount of money. Also, they can obtain a substantial rebate when they renovate their condominium or house, because they have to invest a lot of money in buying new appliances or changing the windows and doors from a house. Other situations are when they are building a major addition to their property or when they convert a non-residential property into a house. They do not have to do all these actions by themselves; they have the possibility to hire someone to do it for them.

Conditions of obtaining a rebate

In order to obtain a rebate homeowners have to meet some conditions. The first one is that they have to have purchased a new condominium or house in the last 2 years. They also have to be sure that the builder did not claimed the rebate on behalf of them, because these are very common situations. If the builder has in plan to apply for the rebate, he will ask the purchasers if they intend to make the property their principal residence. Also, the persons who claim the rebate have to use that space as their principal residence. There are some situations when the rebate is offered to the buyers that want to use the space as an investment. An essential condition is that they have to have at least one year of lease agreement. The investors that rent out the space are not allowed to apply for it, but the builder is the one that is qualified for it. When applying for a rebate the owner has to provide some documents, a copy of the closing statement of adjustments, a copy of the agreement of the sale or purchase, and a copy of the 1-year lease agreement. After obtaining these documents, they can ask for the help of an experienced person, or they can try to handle the process by themselves. Many people choose to hire a rebate agency, because they find overwhelming this process. These agencies help homeowners to obtain the rebate from the government, and in some cases, it can be up to $30,000. To be sure that they are qualified for a rebate, house owners should talk with a specialist.