Creating modern family traditions with printed t-shirts

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Creating modern family traditions with printed t-shirts


The simple notion of a family is similar to the idea of tradition. The two support each other. Traditions are made by men and it is important to keep them alive. However, modern families nowadays are looking for modern traditions, but the only way you could have such customs is if you decided to make them yourself. It is really not all that hard, but you might need a bit of assistance from providers. You will need some ingredients to put your little plan into function. Here are three ideas of traditions you could build together with your family, ideas that could be easily put in practice.


Active family Sundays


Going out together with your entire gamily to enjoy the fresh air, the time spent together and may be to do a bit of exercises certainly is a great thought for a Sunday afternoon. This could be a great opportunity, easily turned into a family tradition. To make everything official, why not consider printed t-shirts? Locate a trustworthy company like and come up with a name for your tradition. For instance, you could have Happy Sunday or Family Day. Write the name of the tradition on the t-shirt and maybe print a picture of your entire family. Afterwards set a few rules to follow and the first or last Sunday of every month, go out with your family and put your tradition into practice.


Personalized Christmas traditions


Celebrating Christmas is a normal, family tradition. So far there is nothing out of the ordinary. However, no one actually tells you word by word how to celebrate this holiday. If you want to personalize this tradition, you could make your own Christmas decorations or cease to buy gifts, but make them. If your children are creative, then this type of tradition will most likely help them develop these abilities. So apart from spending Christmas in a fun way, it can also be highly educative.


Family games


It is important to connect with each one of your family members as much as possible. For this reason spending as much time together as you can is necessary. Once a month, for instance, you could set up a family night, playing all sorts of fun games. If you have a large family, you could also divide the members into teams, to make things a bit more competitive. You could even have printed, matching t-shirts for each team. This way, it would be a real tradition, one belonging to your family alone. You could play scrabble, charades, twister, any family game you could possibly think of, one that all members appreciate of course.


Family traditions are a sign that you want to keep everyone together, that you want to be close to your children. Not to mention that it is because of these traditions, which might seem childish that you are given a real chance in becoming more than parents. Your children could see you as friends and guides, ready to help them overcome all issues. Building relationship with your children could be more difficult than you thought and tradition will most certainly help accomplish all such goals.