Creative ideas to discuss with a newborn photography expert

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Creative ideas to discuss with a newborn photography expert

Newborn babies are one of the most beautiful blessings that could ever be bestowed upon a family and it is only natural that, as a parent, you might want to capture the first days of your little son or daughter in photos. An album with newborn photos is an excellent way of doing this and, with the increasing number of people specializing in Orlando newborn photography, it has never been easier to find someone who can immortalize parents and children together. However, there are two things that you need to keep in mind. First of all, photography is a complex art that focuses on creativity and originality, so you should talk to your photographer and think of unique poses and ideas. Secondly, the mission of the album should be to reflect the atmosphere in your family, the joy, love and excitement that you experience as a parent. Avoid generic and formal poses and talk to your service provider about these ingenious ideas.


Take pictures as the baby is sleeping

Surprising innocence in newborn photography


Newborns look innocent, peaceful and adorable as they are sleeping and it’s essential to have at least one such photo in your album. Besides, when the child is asleep it is easier for the photographer to press the shutter, because he or she does not bother the baby and the photo can be natural. There are many techniques and angles that can be used. You can take a picture of the baby in its cradle, alone, or as it sleeps with its parents. This is an amazing way of capturing the special intimate relationship between parent and child.


The classic family portrait

How to give a new twist to the traditional family portrait


Most photographers suggest at least one classic family photo, with both parents and the newborn baby. However, such portraits often look rigid and lack personality. The key to avoiding uncomfortable and awkward photos is to take them in setting that you are comfortable with and act natural. You can make the portrait more creative by using an interesting background. Incorporating toys into the frame can create a pleasant and familiar atmosphere. Also, if you do not want to face the camera, look at the baby or at each other.


Spontaneous newborn portraits


Spontaneous portraits are fun and creative. They are the perfect way to immortalize the baby as it plays or laughs and, in the case of parents, they can reduce awkwardness. After all, nobody wants to look back at an album after several years and see only formal portraits that do not convey any profound message. Spontaneous portraits do not capture subjects in the most flattering poses, but they capture a unique moment that perfectly represents what the subject is thinking. Spontaneous portraits are genuine, raw and emotional, so you should have at least one.


These are three of the most creative ideas, but not the only ones. For example, you can ask the photographer to take close-ups or conceptual photos of toys and baby clothes. Don’t be afraid to experiment be innovative. After all, a baby’s first days are beautiful and unique and the album should represent these adjectives.