Del Mar – a traveler’s paradise


Travelling is probably every person’s ideal activity. What can be more enjoyable than being able to admire beautiful surroundings and experience unique moments in a wonderful destination. When it comes to the ideal holiday destination, Del Mar will certainly exceed any of your expectations. Either for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, this location is a place that every person would fall in love with. Just by doing a quick search online on websites such as, you will be able to discover how many activities you can pursue in this place, and the natural beauty that you will be able to discover.

Amazing beaches

There could not be a more suitable location for both surfing and swimming than Del Mar. Reaching the border of Solana Beach, Del Mar is a surfer’s dream. The reef breaks are amazing making it the best surfing area in California and one of greatest in the entire world. Regardless of what the perfect beach represent for you, you are able to enjoy sun bathing and have fun surfing in the beautiful waters of Del Mar. Another great thing about Del Mar it that it has a dog beach, very well known by everyone in Southern California. You can take your dog for a little fun on the wide and broad beach, where it can play freely with other dogs.

Fun activities

Even though the destination got its fame for its stunning beaches, there are many other things you can do here. This location will meet any of your preferences, not letting you get bored even for a minute. If you enjoy the occasional game of golf, the destination puts at your disposal The Grand Golf Club, having 7,000 yards of bunkers and rolling hills, ideal for a perfect game of gold. For the horse race lovers, Del Mar holds every year a horse race season. This activity has been pursued for more than ten years, with an increasing attendance every year. So if you want to discover what a real horse race is all about, then visit Del Mar and you will not be disappointed. There are many more activities you can enjoy here, from fishing, whale matching to attending the local fair, there is nothing boring or dull about this destination.

Complete cuisine experiences

If you are a person who enjoys fine cuisine, then Del Mar will certainly not disappoint you. With a wide variety of restaurants and bars, you can enjoy delicious food while visiting. Regardless of your tastes in terms of food, you will find the perfect dish you are craving, from tasty burgers to exquisite meals. Besides the food, which you will absolutely love, you will be able to find restaurants in which you can enjoy the surroundings as well. With a stunning view of the beach, easting your dinner has never been such an enjoyable experience. Either you choose to visit Del Mar with your friends, your partner or your loved one, you will love every moment spent there.