DIY projects for headboard transformation

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DIY projects for headboard transformation

No matter what style you used to decorate your bedroom, be it rustic, classic, minimalist or edgy, the bed is definitely the focal point of the room. It establishes the tone and atmosphere of the space, in terms of colour, shapes, patterns and so on. For this reason, you have to make sure the covers look amazing and the headboard is the best one you could choose. There are plenty of furniture stores and design studios offering a multitude of options, but if you want to have the most original room, then you should try some DIY projects. Although they can make or break your decoration experience, headboards are very easy to make yourself and there are plenty of ideas you can use to get a beautiful result. Here are some of them:


Fabric headboards

In case you want something soft and very easy to perform, fabric headboards are the ideal choice. If you are starting from scratch, take a large sheet of cardboard, add a thin piece of sponge and cover it with a colourful material. Then, using some needles and special glue, stick narrow straps of ribbon on top of it: you can either place them one next to another either in a criss-cross pattern, for a more intricate result. This project is not only extremely easy to make, but also very affordable – all you have to purchase is discount ribbon and some cardboard, and get to work!


Unleash your artistic side

Art-based headboards are probably the most original and unusual options. Of course, not everyone is talented enough to do such a project, but if you have always dreamed about paining your walls, now it is the right time. Choose a design, create a draft, use specialised products and start painting everything you like: butterflies, flowers or other intricate patterns, if you think you can handle it. This is the perfect way to personalise your room without investing too much in materials or spending too much time.


Use frames

Placing framed images around the bed is also an original idea. Instead of painting directly on the wall, hang some of your dearest pictures in a definite order, one next to another, so that they look like a genuine headboard made of frames. Whether you pick your favourite landscapes, places you dream about visiting or family pictures, your bed will always remind you of something pleasant and nice while also looking great.