Drama school – more elite than university

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Drama school – more elite than university

Actors that graduate from leading conservatoire drama schools are already winners. The truth is that it is twice as hard to get into a leading dram school as it is to get in say Oxbridge. Young people have beaten off the competition in order to win their places and as a reward they are deemed by their schools and professors to be the crème de la crème of the industry. Naturally, a question arises: are these graduates prepared to succeed in a career in which 80% win less than $10,000? Additionally, there is still the question of whether three years of formation acteur at drama school is the best way to enter the profession.

To survive, being properly trained is essential

The majority of drama school students say that after graduation they would like to become famous. This answer is not at all surprising taking into consideration that there are countless of reality shows that make being an actor seem fairly easy. However, acting is far from being easy. In order to survive in the tough industry, it is necessary to be properly trained not only in the acting technique, but also in the techniques of getting a job. The reality is that many young actors leave the profession after only six months. This is not because they do not have talent, but rather because they do not have the skills necessary to survive the harsh realities. Drama schools teach among many things these skills.

What does a drama school bring new?

Drama schools are different from universities in the sense that the training is full-time and it is often extended to late evenings and weekends. Competition is fierce and this is why it is not unusual for 3,000 students to apply for 30 spots. If you want to apply to drama school, then you need to have qualifications. These educational institutions do not waste their time and they consequently need proof that you are fit to be trained as an actor. If you are capable of demonstrating true interest in drama and theatre, then you will put yourself ahead of the crowd.

Why is drama school the best route?

Anyone that is working in the field will tell you that you should go to drama school if you absolutely want to pursue a career in acting. The reason why going to drama school is the best route is the intensive nature of the training, plus the inside knowledge and the contacts that you will make. On the other hand, university tends to be too academic. Although there is some practical wok involved you will be thought very much theory and there will be many lectures on the process behind drama.

To conclude, even if the academic world is moving towards a shift in the educational program, they still do not incorporate enough practice. People are looking at the person in front of them, not the degree they have. So, if you want skills-based training, you should opt for drama school.