Essential steps in a divorce process

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Essential steps in a divorce process

People want their marriage to last forever. After all, that is why we all commit to a relationship in this way. However, somehow, people cannot prepare for what their partner might change into or other social or financial contexts might occur. After the few honeymoon years in a marriage, you decided that you do not fit in anymore. Maybe you fell in love with someone else or do not get along with your partner as you used to do. Should you get a divorce? Try counseling? Maybe you have already tried counseling but it did not work out how you expected. At this point, you should get a divorce. Being aware regarding the divorce process graphic could be essential. Below are some important steps that are going to occur on the way.

1. File and serve the forms

If you decided to get a divorce and search for an attorney, you could check this Avvo profile. They will provide some papers for you to fill as a Petitioner and hand them to your soon-to-be ex-partner. The papers consist of a Petition for Dissolution Marriage and some Summons. The Respondent, whom is your partner will be handed this papers and two additional blank forms. The blank forms consist of their Response and a Family Law Declaration Regarding Related Cases and a Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. If your partner is not willing to sign the forms, you can still proceed with your divorce process, however not until 30 days have passed.

2. The next step is to disclose financial information

In a term of 60 days, the partners should exchange a Declaration of Disclosure, a Schedule of Assets and Debts and an Income and Expenses Declaration.

3. Finalize the divorce process

If all went smoothly between the two of you and you agreed on everything, finalization is going to be easy to make. You just have to Submit your Judgment to Court Approval. However, if you could not agree about every aspect involved, you are going to File an Issue. This issue is going to go to Trial Setting Conference. A Mandatory Settlement Conference will follow and it will all end with a Trial that is going to bring some light on your issues.

With some help from an experienced divorce attorney, this process should be a smooth one. Even if there are any children involved, the attorney will put in all his work to get you the custody. Getting the custody might be more difficult and there are so many type of it. For example, you could get a full custody, temporary custody with the possibility of a visiting schedule, temporal spouse maintenance, temporary child support and many other forms. However, if you collaborate with a skilled divorce and custody attorney, the process of getting a divorce might be the best solution for you and your children. Living in a dysfunctional home does not bring either you or your children any benefits.