Essential tactics for 5-a-side football

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Essential tactics for 5-a-side football

Playing five a side football has become a hobby for a lot of people. Moreover, some are actually so appealed by this alternative sport that they sign in for professional leagues and competitions, which are quite popular especially in England. There are so many options of where to play 5 a side in London, that everyone can have access to a performing court. While it is very similar to traditional football, this variation is normally played in a different venue, which is most of the times situated indoors, and players have to follow different rules. Each team is made of 5 people, and besides their skills, it also takes some effort and strategic thinking to win the game. For this reason, it is important to think about tactics before each game, so that you can come up with a winning strategy for your team. So here are some suggestions you should keep in mind if you want to succeed on the field:

Prepare attack thoroughly

Even if there are fewer players than in a traditional football game, there has to be someone in your five a side team who is committed to attack. This way, the entire group knows who they rely on and who is the person to whom they have to advance the ball to. In addition to this, having a dedicated forward will relieve the pressure from the defence. Since you are playing on a small field, having depth is way more logic and relevant than having width on sides.

Do not neglect defence either

While you have someone who is committed to attack, you should also have a person that is known as the “last man”. That is the one representing the defence and they are one important player – a lot of teams fall apart because they cannot rely on their last player. This person should always stay back, tighten up defence, in order to prevent the opposing team to reach the gates and score. Do not stress about the skills of your people – a professional player is flexible enough to fill in any space and position needed.

Do not choose a rigid formation

As mentioned above, a skilful player should be able to cover any position its team needs them to. For this reason, try to avoid choosing a stiff pattern for your formation and allow people to change their posts in the field, depending on how the game evaluates. This way, you empower individuals to learn more and you also have the surprise element over your opponent.