Everything about child personal injury claims

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Everything about child personal injury claims

Parents are entitled to make personal injury compensation claims on behalf of their minor children if they are injured due to negligence. Parents or guardians of the child that got injured as a result of other’s negligence need to make the claim on his or her behalf until he or she reaches the age of eighteen. At that age, the child now already can make a personal injury claim in three years’ time or loses this right, if the parents or guardians referred to as litigation friends have not made a claim until then. To act as the litigation friend of a child, one cannot be involved in the accident. If a parent causes a traffic accident and their kids get hurt in the process, he or she cannot become the litigation friend, but their spouses can. The compensation money come from the insurance company, so making a claim will help parents afford the medical treatment for their kids. For more information about litigation friends, you can review this link. If you are unsure, whether you are entitled to compensation or become a litigation friend for your child, you can consult a personal injury lawyer.


Injuries that may lead to compensation


Children always come back home with a new scratch, because they are easy to injury and less attentive when playing than adults are. However, certain injuries cannot be placed on the account of their naughtiness and in these situations; parents are entitled to make compensation claims. Certain circumstances and accidents such as road accident, injury caused by a dangerous product, accident in a public place or at public institutions such as schools and nurseries,  accident on holiday, slips, trips or falls, not to mention amusement park and funfair accidents.


When can the child access the compensation?


Generally, the compensation from a personal injury claim gets transferred into a special account to be accessed by the child when he or she turns eighteen. However, the court can decide to offer access to part of the compensation under special circumstances such as parents not affording the medical care or special education needs of the injured child.


Starting a compensation claim for a child


You can start a compensation claim until you reach 21, if you have been injured as a child due to other’s negligence. It is important to understand that there are time limits within which you need to make your claim, so the sooner you contact a personal injury lawyer, the better. What is more, as time passes, proving your injury claim can become difficult.