Facts you should know about suspension lift kits

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Facts you should know about suspension lift kits

When attempting to make aftermarket performance modifications to vehicles, owners  can choose from a variety of options. Most of them choose to “lift” the front of their vehicles. Cars, particularly trucks and SUVs, are supposed to be high off the ground and not be at the same level with small vehicles. The use of a suspension lift kit will allow you to hoist your car a couple of inches higher. This will completely change the form and the function of the vehicle and it is virtually one of the most inexpensive modifications you can make. Nonetheless, there are some things that you should be aware of before buying anything. You need to gain some knowledge about suspension kits before committing to buying gear.

Car suspension lift kits are not all high quality

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that lifting kits are only for SUVs. The main purpose of the blocks and spencers is to raise the height of trucks and 4×4 vehicles run and allow them to use larger tires and wheels. When shopping for suspension gear for your car, it is important to know that not all products are not manufactured in a similar way. To be more precise, not all pieces produce the same results. To make sure that what you get your hands on something properly designed, you should only purchase from a recognised dealer. Look for equipment that has been manufactured with quality techniques in order to prevent component failure. Make sure you have all the gear you need.

There is a difference between lift kits and levelling kits 

If you are looking forward to making suspension upgrade, then you should learn the difference between lift and levelling equipment. Lift equipment raises the entire vehicle, including the front and the rear. They make room for big parts without actually altering the aerodynamics of the vehicle.  Steering will basically remain the same. On the other hand, levelling equipment only is less comprehensive. It increases ground clearance by eliminating the factory rake and raising the front a couple of inches. The goal of this operation is to improve the looks of the car. In order to be able to make a choice between the two it is necessary to clearly know your objectives.

Figure out if you need a wheel spacer

When installing the gear, you may or you may not need to use a wheel spacer. Adaptors are generally used to solve problems, but if you do not actually need a bulky one. It may not support the car the way it should, not to mention that they may not comply with the equipment at all. If you do want to buy a wheel spacer, make your purchase after buying the suspension equipment. This is important if you want to maintain a smooth ride.

Lift kits can affect a number of things

As mentioned before, suspension equipment does not affect the geometry of the car, but it will have an impact on brakes, shocks and driveshaft length. In addition to installing blocks and spacers, you may have to make other modifications as well. Before committing to a purchase, you should be prepared for the other underlying issues. The goal is to improve your SUV, not affect it negatively. Pay close attention to the stability of the car.