Buying a used car for the first time? These tips will help you out

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There comes a time in every driver’s life when they realize that paying for a new car doesn’t really make sense. Unless it’s a newly released model that you simply need to own or budget isn’t a problem for you, the used car market is a much better choice. You have a wide variety of cars to pick from, which can be in great condition, prices are lower and there is a reliable dealership in almost every city. However, buying a used car isn’t as straightforward as buying a new one. Scams are just around the corner and there’s always the risk of paying more than you need to. So, if you’re a first time used car buyer, these tried and tested tips will make your life easier.


Individual car buyers aren’t worth your time

Do you know the person trying to sell you a used car? If the answer is no, don’t bother. Apart from the fact that you could be scammed, individual car sellers are much more difficult to track down once you have an issue or concern regarding your vehicle. Most people imagine that individual sellers have cheaper prices, but that’s not always the case. Instead, when looking for used cars for sale in Dallas, count on a dealership instead.


Know a reliable mechanic

Before buying a used car, no matter the source, you have to take it for a test drive and to a mechanic to check for issues. If the test drive is essential to see if you “click” with the car, the mechanic will give you an objective opinion of the state of the car. Don’t go to a mechanic you’ve never seen before or someone recommended by the dealership because you might not learn the truth. Instead, go to a mechanic you know and trust or one recommended by a friend.


Investigate the common problems of your chosen model

Have you found a model you want to buy second hand? Do some online research and find out what problems it has. Every vehicle has vulnerabilities. Whether it’s the clutch, engine or transmission, you need to know what to expect in terms of future repair costs.


Be careful what friend you bring

You shouldn’t go alone when buying a used car, everyone knows that, but you can’t bring just anyone along. The most obvious choice is to bring your car enthusiast friend, but that doesn’t make much financial sense. They may be carried away by the specs and forget that price matters most. Instead, bring someone who has gone to dealerships before, knows how to negotiate and is good with money.

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Can one turn a 1031 real estate property exchange into a family business?

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Can one turn a 1031 real estate property exchange into a family business?

Having a family business might be a lifesaver for many, especially in terms of finances and time. A notorious alternative, and quite profitable is 1031 real estate investments. DST structure lets the investors exchange commercial real estate properties, without perceiving any kind of taxes. But in order to have the ability to make this kind of investments, you first need to know some facts about them.


They are exclusively for business purposes

And you need to pay close attention to this, because you cannot exchange your house with another one estimated at the same market value. 1031 is exclusively designed for business purposes, although many do apply it to holiday properties in exotic locations, it is generally designed for businesses, regardless of the domain.

The properties exchanged must be “like-kind”

The tax code clearly states that both properties you exchange must be “like-kind”. But this does not mean what many think. It means the value of the properties must be similar, not the type of properties exchanged. This allows investors to play with the type of properties they manage, depending on how the market evolves. An office building can be swapped for a silo of farmland, if this is what the investor thinks will boom in the following years.

Always work with intermediaries

As a rule of thumb, you cannot find yourself in the property of the money resulted from selling one property. Otherwise, it will become taxable. Even if there is a small difference of value between the two properties and you agree with the other owner to pay it in cash, or via a bank transaction, the difference also becomes taxable. Also, the process can become a bit complicated and it would be ideal to have a constant collaborator to work with in this matter.

You have to stick to a limited timeframe

There are two terms you must meet in order to accomplish a transaction like this. The first one is to identify at least a property for swap within 45 days from the moment you sell yours, and from the same point, you have 180 days for sealing a deal with one of the owners of the properties identified. It might not be ideal to work within a strict timeframe, but even if you succeed to identify two properties, this is considered to be more than ideal in the branch.

Tax deferred, not tax eliminated

There is a confusion between those unfamiliar with this kind of transactions. They think their properties won’t be under any type of tax. However, what 1031 does is that allows investors to invest in other properties the taxes perceived for the first one. This expands the opportunity to grow on the market in this domain and make further profitable transactions.

Make sure you choose your intermediaries wisely, because they will make the difference between a successful transaction and one that is not that much successful. Also, you will need their help to hanle the money resulted from your transactions.

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Should I invest in a Honda Pilot?

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Since it was launched the Honda Pilot was a successful car, and people from all over the world have purchased it. You might have been charmed by its look, but you are not sure if you should invest your money in this car, or you should choose another model, or even other manufacturer. In case you have considered purchasing a minivan for your family, then you should know that Edmunds claims that the Honda Pilot is a great car to substitute a minivan. What is more, this car comes with many luxurious features, so you will benefit from the comfort of a minivan and enjoy the features of an expensive model. This SUV comes with many enhancements, and if you want to purchase the 2016 model, then here are some reasons, why it is a great investment.


Honda Pilot has a capable engine

The most important feature this model of car has is the V-6 engine, which is the top source of the vehicle. It develops 262 pound-feet of torque and 280 horsepower. With this car, you will have no issues passing the other vehicles on the road. You can be sure that you will get in time and the engine will not be over used. The biggest benefit is that the engine has a long life expectancy, and this makes the car a great investment.

It helps you save money in fuel

When comparing the Honda Pilot model with the other eight-passenger cars from the market, you will notice that this one comes with a fuel economy on highway of 27mpg. You will be able to take road trips without having to pay a fortune on fuel. Honda has upgraded the engine to run with only using the regular unleaded gas.

Honda comes with a versatile AWD System

If you want to use this car on mountain paths, during winter, then you will have no issues because now it features an AWD system, which helps it overcome snowy roads. You have the possibility to adjust the system according to the driving environment you prefer. This system is great when you think that it can increase the capacity of your car to 5000 pounds. And if you are going to take rain-soaked trails, then you will have no difficulties in keeping your safety, because you can opt for the Mud setting. Honda Pilot is a great car for both families and independent drivers.

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Adding camera systems to your HGVs

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Adding camera systems to your HGVs

After many years of being a lorry driver, you have started your own transportation service. Yet, you still don’t know what to do. Well, instead of thinking about ways to make profits, focus on the safety of your drivers. A good idea is to provide your HGV drivers training on how to protect drivers and pedestrians. Equally important is investing in camera systems. Nowadays, many pieces of vehicle safety equipment involve cameras and for good reasons too. They help improve work quality, not to mention that they are widely available. If the vehicles you have purchased don’t have this intelligent transport technology, then make a wise purchase. Only advanced technology will keep your drivers safe.


Are camera systems the future of the automotive industry

More and more people use car monitoring systems. The safety functions of vehicle safety cameras are virtually endless. They include warning in blind sport areas, collision warnings, DVR recording, and the list can go on. As a result, your drivers are less likely to hit pedestrians and even cars, not to mention respecting traffic laws. Transport technology of this kind is very advanced, which is why it is able to offer a unique solution for auto drivers.

Choosing the right camera system

Safety camera systems are not exactly cheap, but the benefits that they provide more than justify the capital cost of the equipment. As you search the Internet, you may be wondering which pieces of equipment are suitable. The last thing to do is buy ordinary dashcams. You don’t need an universal option.  Have your HGVs equipped with professional safety equipment. Intelligent transport technology is not the same as regular in-car technology. When shopping around, consider the quality of the video and size. Another thing to think about is the display. While some camera systems have an LCD display, others are limited.

Adding camera systems to your HGVs

Until now, it is clear that adding a measure of safety to your cars is essential. The good news is that you won’t have trouble installing the camera. Systems of this kind are made to be easy to install. If you don’t have experience installing cameras, you might want to rely on someone who does. If the equipment is more complex, then the provider will handle the installation. Once the vehicle safety systems are in place, you’ll finally have peace of mind. But why stop here? You can upgrade your systems anytime.

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Top benefits of hiring a spider lift

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Top benefits of hiring a spider lift

Appropriate for multiple jobs, hiring a spider lift can help you do them right and do them fast. Fixing roofs, a multi-storey parking lot, or any types of buildings can be managed with some help from this amazing equipment. The flexibility they have, the ability of fitting in fairly small spaces makes them perfect for a wide range of jobs other pieces of equipment might have difficulties with. Certain companies specialised in powered access platforms hire, provide high levels of safety on diverse working sites, work fast and clean. Below you have some of the top benefits of hiring this type of equipment.


1. Increased levels of flexibility

Designed with multiple hinges in their structure, this kind of equipment has increased levels of flexibility, making it possible to fit into fairly small spaces, work safely and properly around other equipment or buildings, and even inside them. With an average height between ten and more than thirty meters, they can easily reach rooftops, and other high working sites.

2. They are lightweight work equipment

Because other equipment is designed at large dimensions, including its weight, this can make their transportation a lot harder. They are restricted from circulating on public roads, and they need a special transportation process. Because spider lifts are small and lightweight, they can be easily brought to any site when necessary without expensive platforms.

3. High levels of stability

Spider lifts are specially designed to work on uneven terrains unlike any other kinds of machinery. Because of this reason, they are perfect for rugged and uneven terrain, and they can make the transition between different types of ground structures easily. Their articulated legs adapt easily so they provide a safe and stable working platform, which makes them perfect for different types of jobs.

4. Compact design

Although they are perfect for reaching high places, they can be equally be made small enough to fit through a regular door, without causing any damage to the existing structure.

5. Perfect weight distribution

Because of their legs, they can distribute their weight and the worker’s weight so well they are safe to use even on staircases. This way, high access jobs will be more secure and the worker’s won’t have to worry about their safety and others, resulting in a work of higher quality.

Make sure you identify well the jobs you might need a spider lift for, and you will have them done professionally in no time. Also, make sure you search well for the company providing this machinery.

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Why hire a wedding marquee?

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Why hire a wedding marquee?

When it comes to weddings, opinions tend to vary. The topic itself is rather sensitive and you should act cautiously when it comes to giving tips or pieces of advice. Brides are quite strange beings and out of nowhere they could really get upset with you. However, if you feel compelled to speak your mind, then make sure it is something important, truly important, like the place where the event will happen. If have something to say on this topic, feel free to do. But try to speak your mind when there is still time to change. Surely your mind must be circling around the idea of wedding marquee hire South London services. These are a great success at the moment and couples in great number decide to switch to a wedding marquee instead of the traditional restaurant. Here are some of their reasons.


You can get married anywhere you please


Have you ever wished for a wedding behind the castle or one that is by the lake? Have you ever wished for a different setting? If you have, then you should know that your only option is that of hiring a marquee. This is set up in the location you decide and your dream wedding can begin. It is as simple as that.


Outdoor weddings


Finally you have the chance of organising your own outdoor wedding without having to worry about weather. When you are planning such a wedding, your main concern is whether or not it could rain. The problem with weather is that you never know. It is always a surprise. However, if you decided to hire a marquee, then you will be safe, no matter what. The wedding will be safe and guests will continue having fun even if it starts raining. Marquees can certainly prove incredibly helpful in different moments.


A variety of style


One of the best things about a marquee is that whatever wedding you would like to host, it can be of help. The marquee can be decorated nicely and all outdoor weddings can turn into sophisticated events simply by adding flowers, lots of them. If you want a more rustic event, then add adequate decorations and you will notice how the event changes shape. It is very simple to have the wedding you dreamed of all your life, while hiding away from bad weather. All you have to do is hire a marquee.


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