Find a suitable student accommodation facility for you

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Find a suitable student accommodation facility for you

When graduating the high school the first thing you have in mind is to apply to a college, which offers you the possibility to follow the career, you have in mind. So you do your best to take all the exams and when you finally find out that you are accepted, you have to start planning the moving, because there are plenty of aspects, which have to be considered. The main one would be the accommodation, because if this is the first time you go from home, then you have to make a list with the aspects you are looking for in an accommodation facility, and see if anyone of them meets your requirements. Here are some tips that you will find very useful both when looking for a student accommodation Oxford, and after getting it.

What to look for

You might have a list with your preferences, but you should know that you have to consider some aspects before deciding upon a certain one. There are different types of accommodation facilities, so you have the possibility to stay in a rented apartment, dorm, or private student accommodation facility, and the decision is up to you and your requirements. After deciding upon the type, you have to consider the location, because this is a factor, which influences the price. The ones that are situated closer to the university might be listed at higher prices, so you have to consider your budget also, when choosing a certain one. The location is also important because you have to be able to get from the accommodation facility to the college as fast as possible. In addition, it should be close to the important places from the town, because you will have to do some shopping from time to time, to relax walking in the park, or other types of activities. The other aspect you have to consider is if you want to share the accommodation facility with another student or not.

What you should bring in your accommodation facility

After you applied for getting a certain type of student accommodation facility, you have to wait for the response, and after you sign the contract you have to also take care of some aspects. In case you opted for a shared facility, you should meet your colleagues, and if you consider that you will not be able to get along with them, you should ask for the proprietor’s permission to move into another room, or to make a change. In case you are following the same university as your friends, you might even have the possibility to share the same accommodation with them, but you have to decide from the beginning to, know what to look for. Also, you have to carefully read the description of the accommodation facility, because you have to know what objects you should bring from home, and which are offered by the propriety owner. Make a list with the things you have to bring in, because in the moving day, you will be too overwhelmed and you might forget something.