Five Immediate Benefits of Cutting Down on Alcohol

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Five Immediate Benefits of Cutting Down on Alcohol


When it comes to quitting or cutting down on alcohol consumption, there are obvious long-term benefits that everybody knows. You don’t have to be at a position where you need drug rehab advice in Canterbury to benefit from cutting down at least slightly.  Most are fully aware of the way in which both mental and physical health improve spectacularly over time, when alcohol is either removed from the equation or enjoyed in moderation.

That said, it’s often important to think about the immediate benefits of cutting down on alcohol consumption, in order to build the required motivation.  After all, it’s all well and good to be told you will benefit from X a few months down the line, but what about the kinds of benefits you’ll experience right away?

Well, the good news is that there are plenty of immediate benefits that accompany cutting down or quitting alcohol consumption. So even if it’s just for a temporary period of time to try the sober life, here’s a quick rundown of five immediate benefits that make it more than worth considering:

1. Better Health

First of all, it really doesn’t take a long time at all to begin feeling the health benefits of cutting down alcohol consumption. And when not just talking about those crippling hangovers, either. The thing is, it’s not until you cut down the amount of alcohol you drink that you begin to realise just how negative an effect it was having on your health.  Give it just a few days and you already find yourself feeling much more active, alert and alive in general.  You sleep better, you feel better and indeed you look better.  It doesn’t take the body long to begin ridding itself of all those awful toxins – you just need to give it the opportunity to do so!

2. More Free Time

In terms of free time, it’s amazing how much more of the stuff you find yourself with when you suddenly remove alcohol from the equation. First of all, all those boozy hours spent drinking way too much in bars and clubs can be used for something different.  The same also applies to the wasted days spent nursing the kinds of hangovers you always promise yourself you will never risk suffering from again. Just a single week and suddenly seems so much longer and filled with so much more potential, when alcohol is removed, or at least minimised.

3. Save Money

Another instant benefit of cutting down alcohol consumption is the immediate and on-going cash savings.  It’s really not as if the United Kingdom is famed for its low prices, when it comes to alcoholic beverages at pubs, bars, clubs and so on. Burning through an incredible amount of money in one single session is pretty easy to do – the cumulative damage over the course of the year being almost too much to bear considering. When you think about it, there are probably so many other treats and self-indulgences you could earmark all that cash for.

4. Try New Things

Something else to think about is the way in which an abundance of additional time, money and energy will leave you free to indulge in all manner of other things you might never have tried. There must be plenty of places you’ve always wanted to visit, activities you’ve always wanted to try out, restaurants you’ve always wanted to eat in and so on. When alcohol is removed from the equation, you benefit from the time, money and motivation to try new things, to an extent that would have previously been impossible. Even if it’s a case of simply treating yourself to the latest gadget or toy of some kind, this is one approach where you have all the justification in the world to do exactly that!

5. Set the Right Example

Last but not least, if there are kids or teenagers of any age in the family, it’s the responsibility of every adult figure to set the right example. You might think that you have the right to drink as much as you like and act however you like, just as long as it doesn’t have a direct impact on the younger members of the family. Nevertheless, it’s inevitable that the example you set will rub off on those with the most impressionable minds – would you really be happy for them to follow in your footsteps? Once again, even if it’s for a temporary time period only, there’s much to be said for setting the right example.