Four reasons to choose Bildermann’s bamboo flooring

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Four reasons to choose Bildermann’s bamboo flooring

When talking about flooring types, most homeowners envisage three main options: hardwood, laminate and vinyl. However, bamboo is a strong contender for the title of best flooring option and in the past years it has emerged as a green, beautiful and sustainable option. There are several companies that specialize in this material and Bildermann’s Flooring stands out as one of the most reliable ones, offering superior quality solutions for modern homes. If you have seen bamboo floors in interior design magazines and want to install them in your house, here are the top reasons why you should consider Bildermann’s bamboo!


You can change the color of your bamboo floors


Bamboo naturally has a light, pale yellow color, which doesn’t lend itself to all interior design styles. If you want your bamboo floors to have a darker color, you can achieve this effect by carbonizing the bamboo. At Bildermann’s, professionals send the bamboo through a specialized heating process that will darken the color to your desired shade. The main benefit of this process is that it gives a homogenous color that does not fade when sanded. Needless to say, you will be able to enjoy more variety and find a flooring option that matches your vision.


You can choose from two installation methods


When working with Bildermann’s you can choose between two installation methods. First, there is click-lock installation, the fastest and easiest method. It involves the use of carefully cut boards that click together, so you don’t have to use adhesive. Second, there is tongue and groove installation, which uses similar boards, but they are fixed with adhesive or nails. There isn’t a major difference in terms of how the floor looks, but there is in terms of how long it lasts. With click lock installation boards can be removed easily, whereas tongue and groove is more of a long term option. Bildermann’s Flooring offers fast installation for both of these methods and you can choose your favorite ones based on how often you usually change your floors.


Eco-friendly, sustainable floors


Lately there has been a lot of interest surrounding floors that don’t use natural materials, so you might think that bamboo floors aren’t eco-friendly because they use a natural resource. However, bamboo is a highly renewable natural resource, so choosing bamboo flooring doesn’t have as high of an impact as hardwood flooring. Moreover, Bildermann bamboo requires less processing than wood, so emission levels are lower. Basically, bamboo is an excellent solution for homeowners who want the look of hardwood and prefer natural materials, but also want to help the environment. If you have to choose between laminate and bamboo, the latter definitely has better quality.


Personalized support


Bamboo floors aren’t necessarily difficult to install, especially when you use the click-click lock method, but you should still contact a professional to deal with this process. The experts at Bildermann’s will help you choose the right type of boards for your needs, based on the type of room and its size, and will also deal with the installation process so that you don’t have to!