Frequently asked questions about metal recycling

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Frequently asked questions about metal recycling

Metal recycling may seem like something extremely easy to do, but when it comes to actually doing it, you will see that several issues may arise. Unlike plastic, which is a common material everybody recycles nowadays, metal is more difficult to classify, transport and take to scrap yards. But fortunately, if you are living in Canada, you should know that there are plenty of opportunities for those willing to sell scrap metal Toronto. All you have to do is find the yard that is the closest to where you live and the rest should be a piece of cake. However, if things are not clear for you yet, here are some of the most common questions (and their answers) people have related to recycling metals.


What types of metal can I recycle?

If you are trying to gather materials and take them to a scrap yard, then this question in probably on your mind. The most correct answer is that it depends on the warehouse. While some accept any kind of metals and make sure they are classified before recycling, others only receive one type of material. However, the most common ones are steel, aluminum, brass, iron and copper. As soon as you find a dedicated yard, give them a call and ask what services they offer, because these vary from one company to another.

What kind of metal do I have?

If you have never had anything to do with this, it may be tough for you to tell what type of materials you have around the house. When gathering objects, it is important to know this piece of information, as it determines where you can take the scrap and how much money you can get in exchange. Experts say that using a magnet is the easiest way to find out whether you have some copper, iron or aluminum. On the one hand, steel and iron are generally very sticky, but they are not quite pricy. On the other, non-ferrous materials, such as brass or aluminum, are less sticky, but are worth much more money.

What metals can I sell?

It is true that ferrous materials are less expensive, but a professional yard will still take and recycle them properly. This means that even for the sake of the environment, you should sell them. Non-ferrous metals are indeed worth more, so if you find these around the house, you are a lucky person. These include steel, aluminum, brass, copper and bronze and you may be surprised to discover how many of your decorations consist in some of them.

How much metal should I have?

You can gather any quantity of material, because scrap yards accept anything for recycling. Anyhow, you must be aware of the fact that your payment is directly proportional with the amount and with how precious that product is. If you take a small quantity of bronze, you are likely to obtain the same sum as if you took great amount of aluminum.