How can a head gasket affect your car’s performance?

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How can a head gasket affect your car’s performance?

One of the most important components of your car’s engine is the head gasket because it acts like a seal between the engine block and the cylinder head. The role of this mechanical seal is to keep the fluid transfer from being exposed to the outer world, reason why any car comprises several gaskets. More importantly, gaskets Ottawa preserve a high level of compression inside the cylinder and should one of them become damaged, then fluids start leaking and ruin the engine of your car. Fortunately, there are ways of telling if you have a blown gasket, not to mention that installing new gaskets is a fairly simple task.

How important is the head gasket?

The head gasket’s role is to act like a covering between the engine block of the vehicle and the cylinder heads. Therefore, the mechanical seal is a very important internal combustion component. It is responsible not only for ensuring that the pressure that is created by the spark plug ignition remains inside the combustion chamber, but also for making sure that the motor oil and the coolant do not mix. Taking into consideration that each liquid has a completely different application, they should be separated. Basically, the seal is powerful enough to prevent the escape of hot high pressure combustion and that of the engine coolant.

Causes of gasket leaks

The main issue is that the mechanical sealant deteriorates in time as a result of the wide range of engine temperatures. These extreme temperatures are caused either by a coolant leak or the lack of coolant in the radiator. Here it should be mentioned that different seals fail at different temperatures. Aluminum will expand more rapidly in comparison to other metals, thus being a poor choice for head gaskets. Owing to the fact that aluminum has a very high expansion rate, it causes the weakening of the seal. What happens when the material becomes damaged is that the car officially becomes a case of mechanical destruction, which means that your life is in danger.

Learn the warning signs

The clearest sign that something is not right is when the coolant is leaking from the head gasket. The vast majority of the leaks are located between the combustion chamber and the coolant passage. Another sign that you should look for is white smoke. In order to identify signs of white smoke you should examine the exhaust pipe, but make sure that the vehicle is fully warmed before you do this. If the exhaust pipe has a sweet smell, then you definitely have a problem. The longer you postpone looking for these warning signs, the more fuel your car will lose.