How online shopping saved my life

Many of my friends and family members, even my colleagues and acquaintances, say I have a shopping problem, just because I spend almost all of my free time, and sometimes even my work time, on e-commerce platforms, regardless of what they offer or sell. Indeed, 90% of the websites I visit are online stores, with clothes, shoes, cosmetics, lingerie, home decor and accessories and so on. Even when I am in need of certain services, such as gardening, plumbing or car rental, I seek and choose from the online world. They regard this as a problem, while I see it as a solution. And one day, I could even prove it to them. It was about 2 months ago and my company had very important clients coming into town and I was supposed to babysit one of them, to show her around and entertain her. I took her to the best restaurants and the best stores and one evening, I was parking her car in the hotel’s parking, because she had some wine so I was driving and failed to leave the keys at the reception. Not only that, but I lost them, probably on my way home.


When I realized I don’t have her keys in the morning, I panicked. I could only imagine the hysteria on my boss and how we would most certainly lose the deal, but then, suddenly, all my online shopping frenzy paid off. I remembered that once I was looking for some car accessories, as I was planning a long road trip through Scotland and I wanted some things to make my drive more comfortable, and from one link to another, I had ended up on an auto locksmith website, called I had to move quickly, as soon my client would want to come to the office and would need her car, so I went online instantly, got the number and called the locksmiths. They said it would be about an hour, an hour and a half, but I begged and begged and they came in 45 minutes. All I had to do was tell them the car brand and model and they made a replacement key that looked identical to what she had. They were fast and professional and they did a fantastic job, but most importantly, I would have never found them if it hadn’t been for my constant search for products and services online.


If I hadn’t find a service provider to program that key and make a replacement car key for my company’s client, I would have been fired for sure, as these are not the type of understanding people and everything seems like the end of the world to them. Fortunately, she didn’t even notice that the key was brand new and everything turned out fine. The only conclusion to be drawn here is that online shopping can really save someone’s life.