How to choose the right nanny for your child

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How to choose the right nanny for your child

Finding the right nanny can often be a daunting task, especially if you are looking for some to work with long-term, because you want to offer your child stability. Whether you want a live-in nanny or you simply want someone to help you for a few hours every day, a nanny can be an invaluable help in the upbringing of your children. To this extent, this is how you should choose a nanny:

The interview

The interview is probably the most important part of the recruitment process, because that is when you will be able to realise if she will be a good match for your child and if you feel comfortable with that person. You should look for someone with some type of experience or education in childcare. While experience isn’t necessarily a must and it is more important for the nanny to get along with children and have a pleasant overall presence, you still need to hire someone who understands child phycology and can apply some principles that will develop your child in a healthy manner. A good nanny agency London will always screen its candidates to be able to recommend its clients people who would do a great job with their children.

Check references

This is a crucial part of the nanny selection process. You should call the two last families this nanny has worked for and ask them about the applicant’s dependability, capabilities and how they interacted with children. Unfortunately, not all people tell the absolute truth when they are at an interview, but if you are about to let a stranger take care of your child for a few hours every day, you should be 100% sure that that person is reliable.

Ask for a trial run

After having decided for a certain person, you should ask for a trial run, just to see if you are good together and if your child accepts the new nanny. Often times, even though a person would have all the necessary qualifications and recommendations, they may simply not be a good fit for your family. The trial run can last from two weeks to a month, as this is the time you need to be a clear idea about that person and convince yourself if they are your best choice.

Work with a nanny agency

Nanny agencies screen all applicants and only recommend their clients people who have been checked. This way you will have the certainty that you are not bringing into your home someone with a shady past, not to mention that it will shorten the selection process considerably and allow you to find the perfect nanny for your child sooner than you anticipated.

These are the aspects that you should keep in mind whenever you are looking for a new nanny. Even though the process may seem complicated at first, if you are thorough in all aspects and accept the help of a professional nanny agency, you should be able to find the right person in no time.