How to deal with appointment cancellations

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How to deal with appointment cancellations

Many salon managers have faced the situation when the customer suddenly calls to tell them that they won’t be able to make it in time for the appointment. Most of the time the excuses that they come up with are meant to hide their true reasons. Even a single cancellation has a big impact on the business of a salon. The beauty industry in particular depends exclusively on customers to stay in business. While most of the time the problem can be an inefficient booking system, which can be resolved with the right hair stylist appointment book app, other times the clients may have other reasons to refuse to keep their appointments. If you wish to avoid these types of situations, then you should take into consideration the following to prevent no-shows.

Get to know the customer

While this may seem unimportant, relationship customer-stylist relationship is crucial for the salon business. The fact is that customers do not only go to the salon to get their hair cut, but also for socializing and relaxing. It is important to ask the customer now and then how he is doing and to remember that clients take everything personally. For this reason, instruct the staff to have a friendly attitude towards clients and smile more. Customers will generally avoid coming back to a salon where they have had unpleasant experiences with staff members that have been either rude or because they have made them feel uncomfortable. Even though some salons penalize the clients for having missed an appointment, it is not a good idea to do this because they will spread the word to their friends as well. Instead, try talking to the client and ask him the reasons why he cancelled.

No more waiting

One of the many reasons why people cancel their salon appointments is that they dislike being kept in the waiting room. Sometimes salons can take more appointments than they can handle because they need to make an extra dollar to keep the business running. Unfortunately, this means that your clients will have to wait a long time. Such situations can also occur as the result of lack of organization. Making the waiting room more confortable by adding a TV is not in itself a solution because client’s patience does have a limit. Instead, it is advisable to try to reduce the waiting period if you desire to make a difference.  This can be done by informing the client when is the best period of time to come and get the staff to respect appointments.

Salon management app

At times, it can be stressful for salon managers to maintain a structured booking system. Now it is much more easier thanks to phone apps like MyCuts that help you run more efficiently. Besides the fact that you can keep track of bookings at all times, you are able to send customers automated reminders to minimize no-shows. In addition, you can keep track of customer’s preferences instead of making them repeat their requirements all the time.