If you want to become a bohemian girl, then you should know that this style is not only about the clothing items you wear. You will have to change your entire beauty routine. You can start with your hair, because boho hairstyles are chic and versatile, and you will have no difficulties to pull them off. You might not be able to wear bohemian clothes daily, but when it comes to your hair, you can try a new style every day,  because it is a great way to complement every outfit. You can wear bohemian hairstyles even when you dress with jeans or dresses, because they give a subtle wink to your outfits. Here you will find some tips on how you can style your hair in a boho way.


Create loose braids

When it comes to boho hairstyles, you will notice that the majority of them feature braids. Therefore, you can start with this, because you can wear your hair in a single big braid, or you can do small braids to show through your locks. For a fun and playful look, you can use hair bow grosgrain ribbon. It comes in multiple fabrics and colours, so you can use it to complete your everyday outfits. If you want to wear your hair in a single braid, then you can opt for a side one, and to tie a ribbon bow on its end.

Style your hair in wavy locks

The epitome of bohemian hair is the wavy style, so you should create big waves with the help of a curling iron. For a more interesting look you should curl your hair in different sizes, and in opposite directions, because in this way you will obtain a natural look. Before you get out of the house, make sure to loosen the curls, but avoid brushing, because they will look frizzy.

It is all about accessories

If you are looking for inspiration, then you should check the hairstyle the girls who attend music festivals wear, because they are professionals when it comes to boho hairstyles. Some of them choose to braid through their locks strips of coloured ribbon, because this is the simplest way to obtain a bohemian look. But if you want something more complex, then you can add feathers to your braids. In addition, you can wear flowers, being they artificial or natural, but make sure to keep them in place with a few bobby pins, because you do not want to lose them on the way.