How to furnish a small studio

It is well known that furnishing and decorating a large mansion can be quite a challenge. However, it seems that those who live in a small apartment may also find it difficult to make the best out of the little space they have. Combining style and utility is not an easy task, especially when you are short on square footage. Fortunately, there are plenty of dedicated supplies, such as, willing to cope with your demands. These offer highly qualitative pieces of furniture suitable to any space, so that you can enjoy your home regardless its dimensions. If you are about to furnish a small studio, read on to find out some useful pieces of advice, gathered from professional interior decorators.

Try to create a partition

Ever if your house is made up of only one room (or open space), you must not be limited by this. Experts advise you to be creative and define space in a subtle yet intuitive manner. For instance, you can use several pieces of furniture to create a partition between a small living room and the corner where you have the bed. Invest in a majestic see through bookcase: it does not isolate from a visual point of view, yet it represents the perfect barrier between different areas of the studio. Another great idea is using a decorative screen – these do not occupy a lot of space and allow the room to be airy.

Use neat colours

Whether you choose dark, pale or bright hues, you have to make sure you use a solid matching palette. Of course, patterns are the one that add style to an interior, but when it comes to small spaces the best thing you can do is go for neat shades. Light chromatic combinations will make your studio look bigger and more spacious. If you are willing to try something daring, paint one of the walls in a vivid hue, such as royal blue or purple – this also helps delimitating space and inducing the idea of diversity.

Do not stuff in too much furniture

Given the fact that the space is limited, you may be tempted to purchase more furniture than you need. This is a common mistake that you must definitely avoid. Get yourself a comfortable bed, a beautiful carpet, a large dressing that has mirror doors and a desk. If you have enough space, you can also go for a sofa and a coffee table, for a tiny living room look alike corner.