How to maintain a healthy swimming pool

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How to maintain a healthy swimming pool


The truth is that while many just love to have their personal swimming pools, not so many take interest in the regular maintenance of the water basin purchased from pool companies Toronto. A regular maintenance schedule is important in order to avoid a dirty looking basin. If the debris is not taken away regularly, then it falls to the bottom of the basin where it constitutes the perfect environment for the development of bacteria such as E. Coli. In addition to this, contaminated water can cause multiple infections and this is just one of the reasons for which maintenance is of paramount importance. There are a few tips that anyone should know in order to increase the life span of the water basin and to protect one’s health.

Correct skimming    

Skimming basically means that you have to remove the debris off the surface and the leaves that begin to fall from the trees. In order to maintain a hygienic basin, it is necessary to repeat this action every three days or so and this is done with the help of a hand skimmer, which is basically a long-handled net. In addition to changing the aspect of the basin, skimming is also effective in the sense that it stimulates the circulation system of the water tank due to the fact that you get rid of things such as bugs and leaves, not to mention the fact that adding chlorine into the water will be useless.

Vacuuming the water basin

The chemicals that are usually found in the swimming water are dangerous to the health and this is the reason for which it is necessary to purchase a special pool vacuum. It functions just as a regular vacuum and its role is to reduce the amount of chemicals. In the event that the floor is way too dirty, then chances are that the filter will get blocked. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to reposition the valve. In addition to this, you must make sure to carefully scrub the sides of the pool as well in order to prevent the formation of algae.

Chemical treatments

The treatment depends highly on the nature of the water and you should call in a professional in order to balance the water. When treating the water, specialists resort to the control of the pH which is the basic indicator of the acidity or basicity of the water. This is done in order to ensure comfort and protection for the user. In addition to this, a maintenance specialist will also see to the disinfection of the water in order to destroy micro-organisms that can represent a danger to the health. In order to do so chlorine is used because it is considered to be the safest treatment and prevents algae growths.


The filter is used so as to remove dust and other types of debris from the water and during the course of summer when the pool is used at all times the operation must be repeated daily. The more the temperature of the water rises, the more it is important to run the filter. The filter also pumps the water through the heating system. so as not to block the filter, you should clean it and remove blockage.

To conclude, maintenance is the most important aspect to consider when you are the proud owner of a swimming pool. Keep yourself safe from bacteria and enjoy a good swim.