How to transform a simple wedding venue into a classy one?

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How to transform a simple wedding venue into a classy one?

Regardless of the fact you plan to have your reception in a rented restaurant or to hire a marquee, there are a couple of simple and affordable tricks that will come in handy for making the location truly classy. Prepping up a wedding venue is not easy at all, but if you find the perfect collaborators, you will be one step closer to a unique event. For instance, you might want to consider working with a furniture hire South London agency for a smoother process. But let’s see to what details you should pay attention to, for having a classy and stylish wedding venue.


Light up the room!

Of course you will need plenty of light, but consider bringing in multiple sources, such as extraordinary chandeliers, with soft, warm light, or table lights. For table lights, candles, plenty of them are quite a viable idea, if you want to create a soft, romantic, personal feeling for you and your guests. These multiple lights will be even more effective in a plain white marquee, with beautiful folds and drapes. Think about this option when researching your venue alternatives. Later you might regret not thinking about this.

Create some vignettes

This concept is a common one in the interior design world. A vignette is basically a group of décor displays, that inserted in a wedding venue will add an intriguing visual impact, especially if you manage somehow to bring in some vintage elements. Something borrowed, something new, right? This applies in your case as well. A great example of vignette would be to arrange your guest book table in a more personal manner, adding some framed photos and personal mementos.

Mix and match the tables

If you opt for a single shape for your tables, you will create a tiring visual effect. Instead of matching all the tables, try to combine round tables with square shaped or rectangular ones, following no particular pattern. This will help you to create a more relaxed, yet classy design.

Play with varied centerpieces

Moreover, for a more relaxed atmosphere, you could play with the centerpieces. Opt for different ones for each table, arrange them in different manners, and do similarly with your table flowers as well. Strength is in numbers, right?

These are some of the prettiest (and affordable!) ideas we could find that will help you to personalise your wedding venue and add a personal touch, whilst keeping it classy.