Hypnosis and weight loss – can there be a connection?

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Hypnosis and weight loss – can there be a connection?

When it comes to hypnosis, most people think of it as those stage shows where a hypnotist makes people act silly and imitate various animals. Truth is hypnosis implies much more than this and believe it or not, it has proved to be quite an efficient method in helping people getting rid of bad habits such as smoking, taking drugs or alcohol. Hypnotist Marshall Sylver is only one of the worldly renowned specialists who can confirm this. But did you know that you can lose weight with the aid of hypnosis?

How does hypnosis work in the case of weight loss?

Many people struggle with extra pounds and no matter what diet they follow or how much they exercise, after losing several pounds, they end up gaining everything (or even more) back. One of the best solutions that more and more people from all over the world have started to embrace is hypnotherapy. It is important to know that during the hypnotherapy sessions, the patient will not be out of control as it is widely believed, but they will simply be asleep, in a state of deep relaxation. There is no memory erase process and patients will not be forced to do anything that can do them harm or that they do not want to do.

What happens during a hypnotherapy session actually?

The hypnotherapist should be seen as a coach, whose role is to guide your steps into a state of deep relaxation. When this happens, the specialist tries to access the unconscious mind in order to help the patient and make him or her actually see the benefits of having a healthier body. During these sessions, you can reject any suggestions your hypnotherapist makes that you do not feel happy about or comfortable with. After several such sessions, you will learn how you can replace those negative habits and eating patterns with some positive healthier ones that your hypnotist suggested.

Does this work on everyone?

Obviously, this is the most commonly asked question that many people want to have an answer for. It is important to remember that this question is quite difficult to answer unless you try hypnotherapy yourself. What is certain is that this method does not work in the same way for every patient, since the hypnotherapist has to adapt his or her techniques on each individual.

As you can see, hypnosis can actually be used in fighting against those extra pounds, but besides undergoing hypnotherapy sessions, you also have to ensure you follow a healthier eating plan.