Impress your ex-girlfriend with these simple actions

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Impress your ex-girlfriend with these simple actions

When you broke-up with her, you have not imagined that it will come a moment in your life, when you would regret your decision, and you would do anything to get her back. Now you think that a reconciliation is impossible, but you should not think so, because there is no other person who knows her as good as you do. Use the time you spent together and remember the things she likes, and what she reproached you not doing for her. You are the only one who knows how to win her back, because her feelings have not faded away in such a short period. If you have no idea on what you should do, then take a look at these simple actions that not only that would impress her, but would make her love you more than ever.

Bring her flowers

You might think that this is an old-school method, and you have never brought her flowers so why starting to bring her now. Well, it is a nice way of telling her that you are sorry, and since you did not use to do this, you would totally impress her. The key is to remember the flowers she likes, because if you had never brought her flowers you might have no idea what her favorite flowers are. Therefore, you can go with the classic choice of roses, or you can ask one of her friends to offer you some details. Also, girls use to post pictures with the flowers they like, so you should take a look on her Instagram account, and see what pictures she has been posting lately.

Write her

Sometimes men find difficult to express their feelings, and if you are this type of person, you should consider writing her. In this way, you are sure that you do not forget to mention anything, and you can check multiple times the text before sending it to her. You have the possibility to send it like a simple phone message, or you can go on the old method and send her a letter. This action would definitely impress her.

Wait her from work

The best way to show a girl that you are sorry is to make her a surprise and tell her sincerely all you have in mind. In this way, she will see that you truly regret what happened between you two, and that you consider that your break-up is a bad decision. You should take a big flower bouquet, write on a card “I am sorry! I love you!” and simply ask her to accept you apologies. She would be so surprised that you took your time to wait for her to make her a surprise, and you want to make things work that she would be willing to offer you a date. Sometimes, women do not expect from men to bring them the moon and stars, they only want to feel appreciated, so your girlfriend will not hesitate to forgive you if she sees that you pay attention to the things she likes.