Ingenious uses of the thick grosgrain ribbon

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Ingenious uses of the thick grosgrain ribbon

Have you heard about the grosgrain ribbon? This is a bow, but it is a bit different from what you would normally envision. The term, grosgrain is usually used to depict a thicker, more resistant piece of material. Once the ribbon is made, it will maintain its shape for a longer period of time. This is really why people check out online UK grosgrain ribbons, for instance, when looking for gift details. Indeed this is the typical use of a grosgrain bow. It is not the only one, though. There are several others one can think of and some of them are rather ingenious, proving just how used the little ribbon actually is. Here are three ways you could put a ribbon to good use.


Tying up big plants

All gardeners know that some plants need to be tied to prevent them from breaking. Grosgrain ribbons represent the perfect details for a lovely looking garden. When enjoying the fresh air in your yard, you will notice the ribbons that hide between the flowers. Instead of seeing the sad looking rope you might have used in the past for the same purpose, you can try the grosgrain ribbon now. The result will be absolutely delightful.

Stiff design details

Interior decorators and not only encourage home owners to let their creativity run wild and make use of all sorts of little items to bring a new aspect to the house. Ribbons are usually among the top recommendations. Unfortunately, when you tie your curtains with satin ribbons, for instance, in time these will lose their shape. This is why a grosgrain bow, being made of a thicker, stiffer fabric, is a better choice. The effect is the same and it will last longer.

Replacing watch bands

If you have an old watch lying around that you can no longer use because of the band which is completely ruined, being beyond repair, here is a solution. Replace the band with a grosgrain ribbon. This way, you will be able to wear the watch again, not to mention that you have just added a delicate touch to your accessory. You can do the same for a bracelet that has also lost its band. Since the fabric is resistant, you will be able to wear your favourite accessories for a long time.

Grosgrain ribbons are really not that difficult to come by. You just have to research the market and see what it is you can find. Also, remember that with a bit of creativity you could really come up with some rather ingenious uses.