Interesting facts everyone should know about sushi

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Interesting facts everyone should know about sushi

Japan is a truly remarkable country, with mesmerizing landscapes and fascinating culture and history. However, if you ask someone what is the first thing that comes to their mind the moment they hear about Japan, chances are their answer is “sushi”. This dish has known worldwide recognition and Japanese restaurants from all over the world are visited by numerous people on a daily basis, not to mention about the number of people resorting to sushi delivery services. Here are some interesting things about sushi that you probably did not know about.


Sushi does not mean “raw fish”

Contrary to what most people believe, sushi does not mean “raw fish”. It is not the type of fish used in preparing this dish either. The name comes from the flavouring of rice with vinegar. There is vegetarian sushi, which does not contain any type of meat, not even fish.

Sushi can be seasoned with other things besides rice vinegar

Many people think that sushi can only be made using rice vinegar. Truth is there are numerous recipes for this Japanese dish and some of them even replace rice vinegar with orange juice or lemon juice, which is used to give a more special flavour to the rice. What is more, in some mountainous regions in Japan, people use the so-called Yuzu fruit in order to season their sushi, which makes the dish even tastier.

Sushi can be eaten with either hands or chopsticks

When thinking about sushi, many people are on the opinion that this dish can only be eaten using chopsticks, since it is rude to use your bare hands. Actually, Japanese people use either their hands or a pair of chopsticks to eat sushi. It only depends on the individual and on how he or she feels more comfortable about it. In fact, if it happens to be sitting at the sushi bar for instance and for the chef to directly serve you, it is encouraged to eat it with your bare hands.

Sushi is supposed to be eaten immediately

Another interesting fact you should know about this traditional Japanese dish is that you should not liger with it and spend too much time admiring it. Top quality restaurants take great care providing you with perfectly prepared sushi and ensure the rice is at perfect temperature the moment it arrives at your table. It is a sign of respect and good manners if you eat it as soon as you are being served instead of letting it get cold.

It takes 10 years to reach sushi perfection

Believe it or not, it takes 10 years of experience for a chef to perfectly master the art of preparing sushi. They have to spend 2 years of intensive training and then keep practising the technique until they reach perfection, which according to experts in the domain takes nearly 10 years.

As it can be seen, these are some of the most fascinating facts about sushi you should know before you try it for the first time.