Introducing the new business with an unforgettable ribbon cutting ceremony

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Introducing the new business with an unforgettable ribbon cutting ceremony

The opening of any location should be a spectacular one due to the fact that this is the way in which the business is presented to the general public. A ribbon ceremony is the perfect way to show appreciation and publicly thank the persons that have helped you along the way, from colleagues to suppliers. The ritual that consists in a basic action, cutting the satin rosette, should be planned thoroughly so as to ensure its success and, more importantly, attract customers. In addition to this, you also deserve some relaxation after so much hard work.


The purpose of the ceremony depends on whether you intend to show gratitude for the help received or to socialize with future clients. No matter the form of entertainment chosen, whether you want to hand out coupons and prizes or simply supply food and drinks, the customers have to able to realize that the purpose of all this is to show your appreciation. The invitations will be sent according to the budget that you dispose of and the task should be completed three weeks in advance. In order to do a professional job, make sure to use the services of a good event planner. Those who have a little imagination can even choose a theme for the event. For instance, you can do a Hollywood glamour party.


The process in itself is extremely simple. The ribbon that is placed across the main entrance is cut in a ceremonial manner. The ritual basically symbolizes a new beginning. Not many know that the cutting of the sash bears a slight resemblance to the old wedding custom that represented the beginning of a partnership. In addition to this, it is obvious that sashes that are tied together stand for a bond and the snipping of the sash means a fresh start. In the case of businesses the fresh start means that the place is open for business.


The main purpose for which many small businesses choose to practice this ritual is to develop marketing opportunities. As a general rule, to the inauguration politicians and famous guests are invited in order to gain popularity. In addition to this, the media present at the event will ensure high coverage. The moment can also be immortalized by taking many photos and fully documenting the event.

In conclusion, while the snipping of the bow takes only a few seconds, the event needs to be planned months in advance. Moreover, think about some entertaining activities and add a personal touch with a theme.