Is hypnosis effective in treating depression?

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Is hypnosis effective in treating depression?


For the majority of people depression is caused by a traumatic or distressing event. Specialists even state the events or persons that are associated with this health condition are considered traumatic triggers, and in the majority of cases, people have to deal with the situation that affects them for being able to regain their healthy state. Sometimes the solution for dealing with depression is to use hypnosis, as Marshall Sylver states in his writings, because it has many benefits for the people who are experiencing this state. If in the majority of situations specialists recommend people different medications for treating this condition, it is not advisable to take in large quantities sleep medication and anti-depressants, because they would harm your body on long run. Therefore, if you have the possibility to use hypnosis as an alternative treatment, you should definitely try it, because it would help you treat also the cause.

Hypnosis helps you identify the cause

The majority of specialists consider the causes of depression as unfinished businesses, because they are events as the loss of a loved person, that lead to this state. The unresolved feelings you experience like blame, resentments, anger, regrets and jealousy are stored in your body and are considered the triggering events that lead to this state, so hypnosis would help you deal with them, and even remove them from the underlying base of depression. An experienced hypnotist would offer you advice on how to complete the unfinished business and deal with the thoughts that would influence your behavior on long term.

Hypnosis helps you enter your subconscious

When working with a hypnotist you would benefit from specialized help, because you are not the first person they are treating from depression. Therefore, they would drop down from your conscious and would dive into the subconscious, trying to find what leads to depression, and how they should act to help you treat it. This therapy addresses to your whole person, so it would not treat only the symptoms, but also the causes.

Hypnosis helps you release the stored experiences and emotions

When you know how to use hypnosis in your benefit, you would be able to release the stored emotions and experiences that act like a trigger of depression. It has the power to get to the deepest level of your traumatic memories and experiences, and it helps you deal with the stored emotions and release them from your body and mind. When you would complete the hypnotherapy you would regain piece of mind, and you would notice that you do not have to deal anymore with the state of depression and its symptoms. The compulsive behavior and thoughts would disappear and you would feel the need to get back to all your activities you have practiced before starting to experience depression symptoms. You would have to attend to more hypnosis sessions, because there is not so an easy work to replace the repetitive thoughts which harm your life, but at the end of the process, the emotional release would be accomplished, and you would feel like a new person.