Key decoration items – parquet, paint and furniture

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Key decoration items – parquet, paint and furniture

When decorating a house, some elements have to be selected wisely, because they influence the whole look of your house. In addition, you have to be sure that you choose quality items, because this will influence your savings in the future. If they resist in time, you will not be forced to change them, so you can use the money for something else. You should pay a lot of attention when you buy parquet prefinito, because it is the item that will experience a lot of usage, so you have to purchase it according to the purpose of the room.


What to consider when buying parquet?

The first aspect you should take into consideration when buying parquet is its width. Flooring is sold in strips up to 3 inches, but if you want to achieve a more traditional look, you should invest in more narrow boards. If you choose to purchase wider boards, you should know that there might appear some problems like warping, and appearance of gaps between boards, because they are sensitive to humidity. The second feature you should consider is the thickness, because the standard floors come in ¾ inch, but some manufacturers produce boards as slim as 5/16 inch. If you choose a thinner version, it will ease your work at transition points like stairways, but you have to know that it needs special care.

Why should I use parquet?

Almost every homeowner, who wants to decorate his house, uses this type of flooring. The main feature that makes people purchasing it is that it is easily to install it. You will not have to sand, stain and finish the floor after installing it. There will be no odor or dust, and you can use it immediately after installing it. Manufacturers produce it to be wear-proof, so if you choose wisely you can use it your whole life. Also, you will not have to worry with its maintaining, because nothing is more easier. Parquet receives many treatments in the factory, and they increase its durability. It will come as a sealed surface, which means that it will be resistant to stains, discoloration and moisture, and you will find it easy to maintain.

Paint and furniture

Yes, parquet is the most important item from a room, but you should not forget that you also have to paint your walls, and choose furniture items. You can start this by considering the type and color of your flooring. If you have purchased dark-colored one, you should paint your walls in neutral colors to complement its look. In addition, you should purchase wood furniture, because it will give your room a traditional look. If you installed light colored parquet, then you should paint the walls in white and go on the same pallet with the shade of the furniture. You will achieve a modern look, with Scandinavian influences. Do not forget that the decoration process should start from an item, so why not ease your work and design the look of your house around your floor.