Lawn mower maintenance tips for homeowners

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Lawn mower maintenance tips for homeowners

A professional lawn mower can save you a lot of time and effort and make working in the garden considerably more pleasant compared to getting rid of overgrown grass manually. However, lawn mowers, like all other electrical appliances, have a limited lifespan and need proper maintenance to last longer. They have a sturdy build, but even the highest quality appliance can fail you if you do not look after it. Here are some simple maintenance tricks that will help you prolong the life of your lawn mower robot and enhance its performance.


Clean the undercarriage regularly


Depending on how much grass there is on your lawn, the undercarriage of the robot mower can get very dirty and if you do not clean it regularly it might get clogged. Every couple of months, remove the cover of the undercarriage and use a brush to remove any dirt or grass residue that may have gathered there. If it’s particularly dirty, you can use a hose, but make sure that the spark plug is not connected.


Drain the gasoline


If you often find that your lawn mower doesn’t start, old gasoline might be to blame. If you leave gasoline in the mower at the end of the mowing season, it will get old and cause engine problems. For best results, always drain the old gas and use only fresh one at the beginning of the new season. This way, the mower will start from the first try and perform better.


Oil and replacement parts


Old gasoline isn’t the only thing that can cause mower malfunctions. A mower that is running low on oil can be just as dangerous, so make sure that your oil level is always in check. Moreover, you should check for signs of debris and if you find them, replace the oil at once. Debris can also get into the air filter, so replace it every once in a while. A new air filter is very affordable and it can keep your mower running for years. Another part that might need replacing is the spark plug – this is again very inexpensive and you should change it every year to make sure that your mower starts from the first try.


When to go to a professional


Most of the time, you can deal with mower maintenance yourself, but there are cases when only a professional can help you. For example, if the blade needs sharpening, it’s best to take the mower to someone who has the tools and experience for this task. Also, if you feel like the appliance doesn’t work as well as it used to, but you can’t figure out why, take it to a repair shop for inspection. If the issue is minor, you can have the mower replaced, but if multiple parts are broken or you’ve used the same mower for years, then it’s more convenient to simply buy a new one with more modern features.