List of furniture essentials for new apartment

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List of furniture essentials for new apartment


If you are one of those people that have recently graduated from college, then you have to get your own place because living with your parents is unacceptable. Living on your own is exciting. There are many advantages of living by yourself, one of them being that you are more independent, but you’ll have your fair share of challenges too. While finding an apartment is quite easy, you will face many challenges when it comes to decorating it. To be more precise, there are lots of things that you will need for your new place and your pay check can’t cover for everything. For this reason, it is important to stick to the essentials. Following is a short list of essential furniture items for new apartments, items that you can find online at Furniture Shopping.


It is no secret that people spend most of their lives sleeping, reason for which buying a high-quality mattress is vital. Sleep is important both for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting the rest that you need. Taking into consideration that there are so many mattresses on the market, choosing one is a difficult choice. There many details to consider such as size and support, but most importantly price. Shopping online will provide you with the possibility of buying something that has a life expectancy higher than 20 years at a reasonable price. If you have a harder back, then you definitely need a harder mattress. Buying a decent mattress is important because if you do not sleep well, you can’t enjoy the perks of living alone.

Chest of drawers

As the name suggests, the chest of drawers is a piece of furniture that has several drawers. It can be used to store various things such as clothing or accessories. Instead of leaving the clothing hanging in the closet, you can neatly fold it and economise space. Besides the bed, the chest drawer is the most important bedroom addition. It offers easy access and the chance to organise your things. But why place it in the bedroom? You can also place the piece of furniture in the hallway or the dining room. If you are worried about aesthetics, then learn that chest drawers come in classic and contemporary styles.

Shoe stand storage rack

Clutter and scattered footwear can destroy the aspect of any house. Having a shoe rack in the house is useful because you are able to save space. Footwear will be no longer lying on the floor, but in their proper place. Therefore, when you go jogging in the morning you won’t be stressed that you can’t find your shoe. You have the possibility of organising your sandals or boots according to colour, style and function. When it starts raining, just place the shoe on top of the rack and this way you will not bring all the dirt inside the living room.

If your budget allows it, you can buy a sofa in order to make the house more inviting. If not, the pieces mentioned above will be sufficient for the time being. As you make more money, you will afford to decorate all the rooms. Thanks to online showrooms, you have all the inspiration you need.