London trip packing essentials

If this is the first trip you are taking to England, then you should definitely include London on the list of cities to visit. Depending on the period you are planning to stay there, you have to take at least four days to visit this great town, because there are some of the most amazing touristic attractions of the world. But, what the majority of tourists do not know is that the luggage they are taking with them has a huge influence on the way they spend their time, so you should read this guide before starting to pack, because you have to be sure that you avoid some mistakes. The majority of people use to pack many things and they end up traveling with a large suitcase, and their entire wardrobe, when they only need some essential things.


Be wise when choosing the clothes you take to London

Actually this is the most important thing you have to keep in mind when packing for London, because even if you do not take all your clothes with you in your trip, you can still look amazing while visitare Londra in 4 giorni. When you choose the clothing items, you have to choose pieces that go with everything else you have packed. Do not forget to include some layers, because the weather in London changes quickly.

Do not take more than three pairs of shoes

If you are a woman, you might think that three pairs of shoes are not enough, and if you are a man, you definitely think that you do not need so many. However, you should take a pair of shoes that it is comfortable to wear on the plane, one for an evening out, and one for walking around.

Choose a small suitcase

When you select the things you want to take with you, you have to be sure that they would fit into your suitcase, and you do not have to sit on it to close it. You would not be able to carry it if you pack too many things. Do not forget to include in your luggage a souvenir bag, and leave some space in your suitcase for the items you are going to buy while being there. Depending on the items you decide to buy as souvenirs, you have the possibility to place them in the suitcase when you come back from the trip, or you can carry the bag on the plane with you.