Mistakes to avoid when choosing lighting fixtures

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Mistakes to avoid when choosing lighting fixtures

The key of a stylish house is represented by lighting. The lighting fixtures of a house have the power to change the entire look, because they highlight certain items, and shadow the ones you do not want to raise attention to. But, sometimes people have to face with a dilemma, when they have to decide upon the lighting system, because they do not know exactly what criteria they should use in choosing the right fixtures for their house. Well, you should know that you have to place different types of lighting fixtures in different rooms, and this is why professional online stores as www.lightingatseasons.co, list their products in different categories. Avoid the following mistakes, and you can be sure that you purchase the right lighting fixtures.

Recessed downlights installed everywhere

You might prefer this type of lighting fixtures, because you find them fashionable, but you should not install them in every room of the house. The disadvantage of these fixtures is that they are not able to provide a sufficient quantity of light, and you might be tempted to install more of them, to create a pleasant environment. But, you should opt only for one or two of this type of fixtures, and combine them with another type.

Forget to install task lights in the kitchen

You should know that there are three types of lights that should be installed in the kitchen, and the most important of them are the task lights. This type of fixtures have to be installed in the key areas of your kitchen, because they are very useful when you handle different tasks in the kitchen.

Using halogen or incandescent sources without dimming

Nowadays everyone is looking for a way to install in their houses efficient lighting sources, and you should do the same. Therefore, when you buy incandescent or halogen lighting systems you should ask a specialist to come and dim them, because in this way you increase their life and decrease the energy they use.

Forget to combine accent, ambient and task lighting

In case you collaborate with a designer, you will notice that they would incorporate different types of lighting when decorating your house, because they understand that this is the only way of creating a pleasant environment for you. Also, they have different usage, because the ambient one is perfect for the living rooms, where you chat with your friends, and the task and accent lights have special purposes, to help you in doing your activities, and highlighting specific areas from the house.