Myths about steam carpet cleaning

As more and more people resort to professional cleaning services for their homes, as families now have busy schedules and hectic lives from parent to kids, there are also numerous companies that operate in the field of domestic cleaning services. These firms provide a wide range of services, which families can employ all together, as a package, or separately, depending on their needs. Steam carpet cleaning is one of the most popular such service, as carpets are usually the hardest to clean, but also one of the most debatable services, as various misconceptions have gathered around steam cleaning, which have made some home owners reluctant to resort to even the best carpet cleaners Perth has to offer. For instance, one of the most commonly met myths regarding steam carpet cleaning is that it take a long time for the carpet to dry. If you do your research well and choose a professional and experienced cleaning company, they will surely have good equipment, powerful equipment that has the ability to absorb all moisture from the carpet, leaving it dry in no time.

Another myth about steam cleaning is that it shrinks the carpet. This can only be true if the carpet stays wet for several days, but, as already said, if you find top carpet cleaners in Perth and employ their services, your carpets will be dry when the job is done, so there’s no way your carpet will shrink. Again, it is essential to emphasise the importance of choosing a highly professional and knowledgeable provider, a cleaning company that has qualified technicians and cutting edge technology and equipment. The level of training and expertise of the technician is also relevant to another misconception created around steam carpet cleaning, the one that says it leaves the carpet sticky or smelly. The sensation of stickiness only appears if the technician fails to extract the detergent and products used from the carpet fibres. The bad odour is caused by bacteria, which appears and multiplies as a result of moisture being left within the carpet, an issue we’ve already addressed.

Last, but not least, there is a myth circulating that says steam carpet cleaning is not entirely effective in removing stains. Again, if the carpet cleaners in Perth you hire are experts in the field, they will have the necessary resources and knowledge to use proper techniques and products that can remove all stains. Professional technicians will first inspect the carpet and locate the stain, in order to more efficiently remove them. Of course, if the stains have been in the carpet for too long, no cleaning service could possibly remove them and you will have to replace the entire carpet. This is another reason for which you should hire steam cleaning services early, as soon as you notice stains on your carpets, in order to increase the chances of maintaining the carpets sparkling clean for as long as possible.